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With Wordle you can generate your word clouds using texts or links. With Wordle you can create attractive designs that you will be to customise as you wish

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Surely whilst browsing on the Internet your attention has been drawn to word clouds. As you probably know, word clouds are visual compositions of words that define a text, where the size of the words that repeat the most is larger. It is very useful to highlight which concepts are the most important, being highly used when it comes to standing out tags. With Wordle you can create your own word clouds.

Create word clouds based on a text or link

Wordle is a web application that you can use to create these compositions easily, by means of the text you insert into the space enabled for such purpose or, if you prefer, by means of a URL. You can print the images generated or save them in Wordle's gallery in order to be shared.


  • Generation of word clouds based on texts or links.
  • Possibility to print the resulting image.
  • Storage of the image in galleries or generation of a link to share.
  • Customisation of the design, fonts, text arrangement and colours.
Create word clouds in only a few seconds without requiring sign-ups or complicated processes with Wordle.
Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have Java.
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Antony Peel
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