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When a Windows XP operating system shows symptoms of not working properly, download XP Optimizer for free to carry out adjustments and optimise components

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When a Windows XP installation stops working properly, slows down, shows errors and has an unstable functioning, there comes a moment when it is necessary to decide if we format the computer or resort to XP Optimizer, a software the will modify some of the system's settings and will clean the areas that usually generate all the problems.

Optimize the performance of your XP

Thanks to XP Optimizer we will be able to have our Windows perfectly optimized. To do so, various adjustments are performed on the settings, especially to: the process of loading and closing the system, the Internet connections, how the hard drive and the processor works, some of the functioning options of the application and the interface is also optimized.

At the same time, it deletes the browsing and history data, which can occupy a lot of space on the drive and slow down the system, the cookies and the DNS cache are also filtered. On the other hand, XP Optimizer includes a utility to handle the applications that are launched at the system startup to our own liking.

Once we select the options that we want to use, if we click on the Optimize button and reboot the system, we will obtain a system that is nearly as good as new.

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