How to use YOWhatsApp and how it works

Using YOWhatsApp is very similar to using the official WhatsApp application. It’s a MOD of the official WhatsApp Messenger and allows us to keep in touch with the rest of users of this service. Therefore, we simply have to go to our contact list to start chatting with any of them.

From there on, we can carry out all the rest of actions as we would usually do in the official app: send text messages, record voice messages, make phone calls through the app, send multimedia files such as photos and videos, set a new status, take part in group conversation or create groups… However, it also includes functions that aren’t included in WhatsApp, such as the following:

  • Advanced privacy functions such as the possibility to set the visibility of our status or choose who can call us.
  • New text fonts for the app’s interface and our messages.
  • More emojis and emoticons.
  • Possibility to send any file regardless of its format and size: we can send files of over 700 MB whether ZIP, APK, DOC, PDF…
  • New lock methods including PIN, pattern or fingerprint…

To access the configuration of all these extra functions that aren’t available in the original app, we have to go to the MOD’s settings menu but some of them (such as those that have to do with sending files) are already enabled by default. Therefore, as users, we’re not going to find too many differences between the official app and this WhatsApp MOD that intends to be an alternative to others of the likes of WhatsApp Plus, one of the most successful versions amongst users.