The different opinions about using a MOD of the likes of YOWhatsApp vary according to its pros and cons and that are usually related with its customization options and functions incorporated regarding the official WhatsApp Messenger and, on the other, with the problems of using it. The editors of Malavida have given their opinion about this app:

Antony Peel

I’m not too interested in the customization options and I’m not too worried about my privacy when it comes to using WhatsApp or any of its MODs. What I do find really interesting about YOWhatsApp is the possibility to send photos at their full resolution without losing quality. During your typical holidays with friends, you can send them instantly through instant messaging without having to upload them to the cloud or share them by WeTransfer. That’s where I make the most of this app.

Lory Guilloux

The truth is that due to my principles, I usually only use legal software and the YOWhatsApp MOD is. I’ve tried it out and I thanks that it has some really good advantages. I’ve used it to share files without worrying about their strange extensions and to send large videos. Furthermore, I love the fact that the interface is customizable and its new emojis. On the other hand, it has one obvious con: even if nobody’s going to get banned for using this MOD, it’s still based on a source code that has been modified without its owner’s authorization.

Héctor Hernández

It was one of the first WhatsApp MODs I found out about and it works perfectly, which really surprised me. If you need an improved version of WhatsApp, this is your best option, and it comes along with what many of us want from this kind of client: the option to use a second number to be able to separate contacts and conversations.

Elies Guzmán

Changing the interface or controlling our last connection time is really cool, but I don’t know if these functions are worth the risk of getting banned from the services or having my messages sent through an unofficial app that nobody knows who has developed it.

In any case, so that you can take into account the main advantages of using YOWhatsApp, we’ve summed up the most important ones for you:

  • Customization: it’s one of the main pros for users that decide to download a WhatsApp MOD. Mainly because it allows us to customize the user interface, being able to change icons, text fonts, colors… and even install themes created by other users. That’s a big difference regarding the official WhatsApp Messenger which is much more inflexible in this sense.
  • Privacy: on the one hand, we’ve got greater control over our data, our connection times, and the statuses we share with our contacts. It allows us to freeze the latest connection time as well as our online status so that nobody knows if we’re online or not. We can also configure specific privacy options for each contact or group.

And this is the main disadvantage of downloading and using YOWhatsApp:

  • Possible bans: downloading and using a WhatsApp MOD of the likes of YOWhatsApp or any other alternative (WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp…) involves a risk of getting banned. On quite a few occasions, WhatsApp Inc. decided to ban users that used MODs. And they'll probably carry on doing so in the future, finding our account blocked all of a sudden. In such cases, only an update on behalf of the creators of these mods or going back to the official app can get us out of trouble.