Photo Viewers for Windows

The best way to take a close and careful look at your photos of unforgettable moments is making use of our selection of photo viewers for Windows

FastStone Image Viewer 6.7 English

Tool to explore, catalog, edit, and convert images

GSview 6.0 beta English
GSview 6.0 beta

PostScript and PDF file reader

Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 English

Organize, edit and share your photos from a single application

Bad Peggy 2.2 English

Detect corrupt or damaged JPEG images

ExifCleaner English

Clear all EXIF data from JPEG images

EXIF Date Changer English

Change the date of a group of photos

ACDSee English

Manage and optimize your images really easily

ACDSee Pro 10.0 English

Professional tool to manage and edit images

CDisplay Ex 1.10.29 English
CDisplay Ex 1.10.29

Excellent comic reader

IrfanView 4.51 English
IrfanView 4.51

Very configurable excellent image viewer

ExifReader 3.0 English

View the EXIF data of any photograph

Cooliris Firefox 1.12 English

Add-on to view videos and images on the Internet

ACDSee Picture Frame Manager 1.0.81 English

Manage image transfers between your PC and your digital frame

Imagine 1.1.0 English
Imagine 1.1.0

View all your images

WebP Codec 1.0 English

Make the Windows viewer compatible with WebP

XnView 2.42 English
XnView 2.42

Viewer, cataloger, editor and image converter all in one

IrfanView Plugins 4.51 English

Improve the functions of this image viewer

RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer 1.0 build 50 English

View any RAW file from the Windows file explorer

FastStone MaxView 2.9 English

A compact, fast and innovating image viewer

MediaTicker 3 English

View the photographs and images from Google, Roxio and Flickr on your desktop

FuturixImager 6.0.3 English

View and edit all your pictures and photos

Universal Viewer English

Excellent file viewer compatible with a wide range of formats

JetPhoto Studio 4.12.0 English

Make the most of your photos with this brilliant organizer

GonVisor 2.21.00 English
GonVisor 2.21.00

An ideal image and PDF reader for eBooks and comics

Beonr 3.0 English
Beonr 3.0

Enjoy your favorite Flickr photographs on your desktop

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 English

Control your Nikon camera from your computer

Flickroom 0.60 Beta English
Flickroom 0.60 Beta

Desktop client for Flickr

Imagina Virtual Lightbox 1.8.4687 English
Imagina Virtual Lightbox 1.8.4687

File viewer and editor with a fantastic interface

FreeVimager 5.1.0 English

Complete program to be able to view and edit images

CodedColor PanoramaViewer 2.6 English

Look at your panoramic photos and create realistic animations

PhotoME 0.79R17 English
PhotoME 0.79R17

Check and edit the metadata of your images

ABViewer English

View any format from a single application

ExifTool 10.36 English
ExifTool 10.36

Read and write EXIF info on your files

Free DWG Viewer Build English
Free DWG Viewer Build

Open and print any AutoCAD file

GiSeek 2.3.3 English
GiSeek 2.3.3

A tool that will allow you to find similar photographs

Roboreader 1.5.3 English
Roboreader 1.5.3

Minimalist image viewer

PhotoLikr Beta English
PhotoLikr Beta

The easiest way to view and share your images

FastPictureViewer 1.9.342.0 English

A very practical image viewer

Gapminder World Offline 0.0.7 English
Gapminder World Offline 0.0.7

View animated stats on your desktop

Fullscreen Photo Viewer 2.2 English

Viewer to enjoy high-resolution images