Automation Applications for Android

Thanks to these automation apps for Android you'll be able to establish routines and batch processes that run automatically gaining in time and comfort

Tasker 5.7.2 English
Tasker 5.7.2

Automate tasks on Android

AutomateIt 3.0.227 English
AutomateIt 3.0.227

Give your phone some work to do

Atooma 3.0.3 English
Atooma 3.0.3

Automate processes in Android

Gravity Screen Off 3.18.0 English

Control your phone without touching it

MacroDroid 4.5.1 English
MacroDroid 4.5.1

Automate tasks and actions on your Android

Trigger 9.3.1 English
Trigger 9.3.1

App to automate tasks on Android

IFTTT 4.0.0 English
IFTTT 4.0.0

Automate tasks on your phone by creating rules