Tools for Android

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

FRP Bypass 2.0 English

Bypass Google FRP protection

APKPure 3.18.66 English
APKPure 3.18.66

Alternative Android application store to Google Play

iRoot English

Root your Android with a single tap

QuickShortcutMaker 2.5.0 English

Sets shortcuts to running applications and tasks

HappyMod 2.8.6 English
HappyMod 2.8.6

Thousands of patched apps and games

Aptoide English

The best alternative to Google Play

KingRoot 5.4.0 English
KingRoot 5.4.0

The app to root your Android with just one click

Google Play Store 34.2.14 English

Android's store for applications and other digital contents

KingoRoot 4.8.0 English
KingoRoot 4.8.0

How to root Android in one click

SuperSU 2.82 English
SuperSU 2.82

Android management tool for advanced users

Tasker 6.0.10 English
Tasker 6.0.10

Automate tasks on Android

VMOS 1.0.63 English
VMOS 1.0.63

Virtualize a second Android operating system on your Smartphone

Magisk Manager 25.2 English

Mod manager for rooted Android devices

SHAREit English
SHAREit 6.32.38_MV

Transfer files from Android to other devices without cables

Apex Launcher 4.9.25 English

One of the most powerful launchers

ES File Explorer English

Complete file explorer for Android

Parallel Space 4.0.9274 English
Parallel Space 4.0.9274

Use two simultaneous accounts on WhatsApp or other Android services

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & Parallel APP 4.2.2 English

Clone applications in a parallel and independent space on your smartphone

Google App English
Google App

Android app for Google's search engine

Nova Launcher 8.0.3 English

Customize your Android with one of the best application launchers

Test DPC 8.0.1 English
Test DPC 8.0.1

Test your application

Clean Master 7.5.3 English

Cleaner, optimizer and antivirus in one

DiskDigger 1.0-2023-01-09 English
DiskDigger 1.0-2023-01-09

Recover deleted photos from your Android

NotifyBuddy 1.96 English

Set up a notification screen using the one from OnePlus 6T

Samsung Good Lock English

The application for customizing your Samsung interface and lock screen

Shimeji 4.9 English
Shimeji 4.9

App that lets you customize Android with pets and memes

Miracast 2.1 English

Play content from your mobile device on your smart TV

CPU-Z 1.42 English
CPU-Z 1.42

All the information about your Android device

RAR 6.20.build113 English
RAR 6.20.build113

Compress and extract files on your Android

Slidejoy 5.4.5 English
Slidejoy 5.4.5

Earn money by locking your Android

CamScanner English

Powerful document scanner for Android

ApowerMirror 1.7.79 English
ApowerMirror 1.7.79

Control your Android from your PC

AnTuTu Benchmark 9.5.6 English

Perform benchmark tests on your Android

Glary Utilities English
Glary Utilities

Optimization app for Android

PC Remote 7.5.14 English
PC Remote 7.5.14

Turn your phone into a remote control for your PC

App vault 12.4.1 English
App vault 12.4.1

Create shortcuts to the functions you use most on your smartphone

App Cloner 2.16.3 English
App Cloner 2.16.3

Run an app twice on the same device

Geekbench 5 5.4.6 English
Geekbench 5 5.4.6

Test the efficiency of your Android

GO Locker 6.06 English
GO Locker 6.06

Change the lock screen of your Android

Microsoft SwiftKey English

Keyboard to improve your productivity when typing on Android

NFC Reader 4.0 English

Read NFC tags with your Android device

AccuBattery 2.0.13 English
AccuBattery 2.0.13

Unleash the full potential of the battery on your Android device

Floatify 11.61 English
Floatify 11.61

Floating notifications and lock screens

QR Code Reader 3.5.5 English

Android App for reading QR and barcodes

Air Control 3.25 English

Control your smartphone using gestures

Gboard English

Google's keyboard for Android

Notisave 4.3.9g English
Notisave 4.3.9g

Save all notifications on your mobile and read them whenever you want

HP Smart English
HP Smart

Print with your HP from Android

MacroDroid 5.30.7 English
MacroDroid 5.30.7

Automate tasks and actions on your Android

QR Scanner 1.5.2 English
QR Scanner 1.5.2

Scan and create QR codes

Adobe Scan 22.12.16 English
Adobe Scan 22.12.16

Document scanner and PDF format converter

Vysor 4.2.2 English
Vysor 4.2.2

Control your Android with your PC

Bitmoji English

Android app to create customized emojis

CCleaner 6.7.1 English
CCleaner 6.7.1

Android version of the most famous cleaner

AmongLock 2.2.2 English
AmongLock 2.2.2

A lock screen with Among Us!

LG AV REMOTE 2.0.16 English

Turn your Android into a remote control for your LG TV

Remote Mouse 5.010 English

Use your Android as a mouse, keyboard and more on your PC

Navigation Gestures 1.21.10 English

Replace the navigation bar with gesture controls

iNoty 11.0 English
iNoty 11.0

Customize your Android notifications

Barcode Scanner 4.7.8 English

An efficient barcode reader

GO Clock English
GO Clock

Custom clock with different alarms and loads of options

Google Clock 7.4.504317960 English
Google Clock 7.4.504317960

The time Google shows on Android

Flashlight English

Turn your phone into a multipurpose torch

IFTTT 4.35.6 English
IFTTT 4.35.6

Automate tasks on your smartphone using rules

Battery Doctor 6.33 English

Manage your battery life and save on battery consumption

Cloud Print 1.47 English

Print documents from Android

ACMarket 4.9.4 English
ACMarket 4.9.4

An alternative app store

TutuApp 4.1.5 English
TutuApp 4.1.5

Another alternative app store to Google Play

Google Play Services 23.04.13 English

Synchronize your apps and smartphone features with the Google ecosystem

Xender 12.5.1.Prime English
Xender 12.5.1.Prime

App to transfer files between your Android and other devics

QooApp 8.3.20 English
QooApp 8.3.20

The application store for manga and anime fans

ZArchiver 1.0.6 English
ZArchiver 1.0.6

A great decompressor for Android

Web Video Caster 5.6.5 English

Play multimedia files in your smartphone using other devices

EShare 7.9.6 English
EShare 7.9.6

Mirroring app to share contents from your phone

Google Play Services for AR 1.35.2231104 English

The SDK that offers support for augmented reality

DU Battery Saver English

Extend your battery life and improve its performance

Repair Battery Life 1.2 English

Extend the life of your smartphone battery

Alarmy 5.51.04 English
Alarmy 5.51.04

The infallible alarm clock

ZEDGE 8.0.4 English
ZEDGE 8.0.4

Customize your Android with new icons, ringtones and wallpapers

One Booster 2.1.9 English

Optimize your Android's performance

Face Pause 12.1 English

Pause your apps through facial recognition

Text Scanner 9.8.3 English

Convert your text images to digital format

Clickmate 6.0.9 English
Clickmate 6.0.9

AutoClicker App for Android

NFC Tools 8.8 English

Manage the NFC technology on your Android device

LED Torch Flashlight 1.0 English

A flashlight and compass for your smartphone

2x Battery 3.58 English

Extend your battery life

Tap Counter 2.4 English

Count the number of times you touch the screen

Touch Macro Pro 2.1.2 English

Configure macros to create automatic triggers

Zen Flip Clock 2.5.11_20221219 English
Zen Flip Clock 2.5.11_20221219

Beautiful minimalist watch for smartphones

Booster Master 1.3.4 English

Exploit the maximum potential of your Android

Groovebook 2.4.2 English
Groovebook 2.4.2

The Shutterfly photo printing app

Battery Sound Notification 2.10 English

Configure audio notifications that report on battery status

Universal TV Remote Control 1.1.26 English

Universal remote control for different TV receivers

Moto Actions English
Moto Actions

Configure the gestures to use your Motorola phone

Avast Cleanup 6.7.0 English

Clean your smartphone and optimize how it works

Dollify 1.4.0 English
Dollify 1.4.0

Create beautiful avatars for your apps or social networks

Unified Remote 3.20.0 English

Turn your Android into a remote control for PCs

Microsoft Lens 16.0.15726.20076 English
Microsoft Lens 16.0.15726.20076

The pocket scanner from Microsoft

Locker Master 2.25 English

Customize your lock screen

CM Locker 4.9.6 English
CM Locker 4.9.6

Lock your Android's screen and locate it in the case of theft or loss

LokLok 0.81 English
LokLok 0.81

Turn your lock screen into a social space

QuickClick 1.3.37 English
QuickClick 1.3.37

Launch applications with volume controls

Epson iPrint 7.10.2 English
Epson iPrint 7.10.2

Remote printing from Epson

Sleep as Android 20230124 English

The Android alarm clock to control your hours of sleep

WinZip 6.7.1 English
WinZip 6.7.1

App to open RAR and ZIP files in Android

QR Droid 7.0.6 English
QR Droid 7.0.6

Scan, decode, generate, and share QR codes

Android 11 English

Version 11 of Android

GLTools 4.01 English
GLTools 4.01

Optimze the graphical performance of your GPU

Framaroot 1.9.3 English
Framaroot 1.9.3

App to root Android smartphones and tablets

Aptoide Lite 2.0.2 English

The best alternative to Google Play in its Lite version

AA Mirror 1.0 English

Play any app you have in your Android in the car

CetusPlay English

Multi-device compatible remote control app

AirScreen 2.4.0 English
AirScreen 2.4.0

To stream and share videos on the same network

SD Maid 5.5.8 English
SD Maid 5.5.8

An app to thoroughly clean your phone

iClean 2.6.2 English
iClean 2.6.2

Optimizes the performance of Android

Peel Mi Remote English

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control

APKTom English

An alternative to Google Play to download apps and games

MoboPlay App Store 1.5.5 English

The MoboPlay application store

Swapper & Tools 3.0.15 English

Get full Android control with these tools

Greenify 4.7.5 English
Greenify 4.7.5

Improve the performance of your Android

AAStore 1.1 English
AAStore 1.1

Download apps for Android Auto to your mobile

SosoMod 1.3.1 English
SosoMod 1.3.1

Download the best MODs for the most popular games

APKTime 2.2 English
APKTime 2.2

App store with a basic design

VPhoneGaga 3.0.0 English
VPhoneGaga 3.0.0

Create a virtual space in which to run applications

Emoji Font 3 3.0.10 English
Emoji Font 3 3.0.10

Text fonts and emojis for your Android

Moddroid 3.1.1 English
Moddroid 3.1.1

Download MODs for your favorite games and applications

AAAD 1.4.4 English
AAAD 1.4.4

Install unofficial applications for Android Auto

One Click Root 1.2 English

Tool for rooting Android fast

iPhone App Store 1.1 English

Take a look at the iPhone App Store

Root Master 3.0 English

Root your Android in one click

BlackMarket 3.0.1 English

Application store focused on MODs

Android 10 English

Version number 10 of Android

PlayMods 1.9.1 English
PlayMods 1.9.1

Store from where we can download the best MODs for games and apps

Google Account Manager 7.1.2 English

Manage multiple accounts on your device

MobPark 1.2.59 English
MobPark 1.2.59

A store full of patched and modded games

360 Super ROOT English

Root your Android without needing a PC

VirtualXposed 0.22.0 English

Xposed Framework for unrooted devices

AppChina 2.1.64818 English
AppChina 2.1.64818

Chinese app store

Chat Partner 18.06 English

App needed for installing Google apps on Huawei phones

Panda Helper English
Panda Helper

Download applications and game MODs for free

GetApps English

Xiaomi's app store

z4root 1.3.0 English
z4root 1.3.0

Root your Android with a single click

1Mobile Market English

A great alternative to the Google Play Store

XAPK Installer 2.2.2 English

Extract and install files in XAPK format

Freedom 3.1.2 English
Freedom 3.1.2

Use your phone's root mode to get hold of premium elements for free

Android 5 Lollipop English

The first Android with Material Design

microG English

Greater privacy when it comes to using Google's services

Towelroot 3.0 English

How to root your Android with just one tap

GetAPK 2.0.9 English
GetAPK 2.0.9

Alternative to Google Play to download apps

TapTap 3.3.3 English
TapTap 3.3.3

Alternative Android game store to Google Play