Scanners and Printing Applications for Android

These scanning and printing applications allow you to scan texts or images using your Android device's camera as well as sending documents to be printed

CamScanner English

Powerful document scanner for Android

HP Smart English
HP Smart

Print with your HP from Android

Cloud Print 1.47 English

Print documents from Android

Adobe Scan 24.04.08 English
Adobe Scan 24.04.08

Document scanner and PDF format converter

Microsoft Lens 16.0.17425.20008 English
Microsoft Lens 16.0.17425.20008

The pocket scanner from Microsoft

Text Scanner 10.4.5 English
Text Scanner 10.4.5

Convert your text images to digital format

Groovebook 2.4.2 English
Groovebook 2.4.2

The Shutterfly photo printing app

Epson iPrint 7.12.2 English
Epson iPrint 7.12.2

Remote printing from Epson

Android CUPS Print 1.5.0 English

Print from your Android on connected printers

vFlat 0.9.32 English
vFlat 0.9.32

Easy-to-use, well-functioning scanner and OCR

Handy Scanner 2.1 English

Your free Android hand-held scanner

Clear Scan 5.6.0 English
Clear Scan 5.6.0

A pocket scanner for your documents

xScan 1.2.6 English
xScan 1.2.6

Tool for scanning, editing, and sharing documents

Easy Scanner 1.2.5 English

Tool that transforms a phone into a portable scanner

Scan Hero 1.52.0 English
Scan Hero 1.52.0

Scan and edit documents with your mobile phone

Document Scan 3.7.4 English

Scan documents and convert to PDF format

Scanner Go 3.0.5 English
Scanner Go 3.0.5

The app that turns your cell phone into a portable scanner

Document Scanner 6.7.33 English

Scan your documents with your smartphone

Notebloc 4.1.3 English
Notebloc 4.1.3

Turn your Android into a pocket scanner

Fast Scanner 4.3.5 English

Use your smartphone as a digital scanner

Smart Doc Scanner 2.0.683 English

Turn your Android into a portable document scanner

TurboScan 1.6.3 English
TurboScan 1.6.3

Scan documents and all types of text with a cell phone

Docutain English

Scan documents and organize your files

Simple Scan 4.7.0 English

A scanner in your pocket

Chatbooks 4.0.3 English
Chatbooks 4.0.3

Print your photos from your Android

Photobook 2.79.0 English
Photobook 2.79.0

Print your photos and personalized gifts from your smartphone

Picta Photo Print 8.6.2 English

The Walgreens photo printing app

Photobox 51 English

Print your favorite photos from your smartphone

OCR Text Scanner 1.3.08 English

OCR scanner to convert text images to digital format

Pen to Print 1.30.0 English
Pen to Print 1.30.0

Convert your handwritten texts to digital texts

Smart Lens 4.2.0 English
Smart Lens 4.2.0

Transform your images from text to scanned text

Text Fairy 5.2.2 English
Text Fairy 5.2.2

Text recognition scanner

Genius Scan 6.1 English

Scanner for converting images and documents to PDF

Mopria Print Service 2.14.9 English

Print out your files from your Anrdoid

TapScanner 2.5.75 English
TapScanner 2.5.75

Use your smartphone as a scanner to create PDF documents

HP Print Service Plugin English

Print on an HP printer from Android

Samsung Print Service Plugin 3.05.200320 English

Print any document from your phone

iScanner: PDF Scanner App Free 3.66.4 English

Scanner for Android smartphones and tablets

PhotoScan by Google Photos English

Google's scanner for old photos

Tiny Scanner 5.5.2 English

Scanner for Android

Docfy English

Practical and simple document scanner and OCR

SwiftScan 8.0.4 English
SwiftScan 8.0.4

Scan documents and convert them to PDF