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Adobe Scan is an advanced text recognition and scanning application that will turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a high-resolution pocket scanner

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Desktop scanners are now something from the past. In fact, thanks to smartphones and their increasingly powerful cameras, there are loads of apps capable of digitizing any document and converting it different formats that we can work with, such as PDF or Word.

There are different applications that fulfill this function but Adobe has just released its own version that makes it one of the best alternatives and one of the most interesting apps to scan documents. And the truth is that this function was already available in other apps by this developer, as is the case of Adobe Reader, but Adobe Scan is a standalone that we can download completely free of charge.

Possibly the best app to scan documents from your Android

This company has been leading the digital document sector for years, so you can bet that this mobile scanner comes along with the most advanced technology available for the guys in California.

You've only got to download the APK and log in with your Adobe credentials to get the app working at full throttle: automatic border detection, automatic focus, digitalization enhancements... it can convert any text into a PDF file and allow its contents to be used wherever necessary.

The most advanced version of Adobe Scanner's OCR technology.

How does it work?

How the app works is based on three principles:

  1. Scan whatever you want with maximum precision thanks to its border detection and automatic focus. The type of document doesn't matter because it can cope with anything: bills, notes, blackboards, leaflets, business cards, magazines...
  2. Enhance the scanned documents and improve them by cutting, rotating, adjusting the color, selecting text...
  3. Convert the scanned contents into a high-quality PDF file, so that you can go from PDF to Word and other Microsoft Office formats.

What can this Adobe scanner do?

This scanner for smartphone or tablet can be used in different situations, whether in your domestic scope or in other more demanding fields, such as at work or for your studies. Any document can be scanned and reused later on thanks to the high-quality conversion that it carries out.

Precisely this conversion to PDF allows us to generate reusable contents. You can even scan forms to fill them in. It's a very decent application that we can use in all kinds of contexts and that combines very well with the rest of apps in the Adobe ecosystem thanks to the fact that it automatically saves docs on Document Cloud.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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Antony Peel
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