File Explorers for Android

With these file explorer apps for Android you'll be able to browse through the different folders and directories on your device and manage different content

SHAREit English
SHAREit 6.31.98_MI

Transfer files from Android to other devices without cables

ES File Explorer English

Complete file explorer for Android

DiskDigger 1.0-2022-09-16 English
DiskDigger 1.0-2022-09-16

Recover deleted photos from your Android

Xender 12.3.1.Prime English
Xender 12.3.1.Prime

App to transfer files between your Android and other devics

XAPK Installer 2.2.2 English

Extract and install files in XAPK format

MT Manager 2.11.9 English
MT Manager 2.11.9

A powerful file manager with an APK extractor

FX File Explorer English

File Explorer for Android

Files by Google 1.0.384829210 English
Files by Google 1.0.384829210

Google's new file manager for Android

SHAREit Lite 3.14.69_OP English
SHAREit Lite 3.14.69_OP

The lite version of SHAREit

Zapya 6.3 English
Zapya 6.3

Offline file transfers

Flashify 1.9.2 English
Flashify 1.9.2

App to flash Android

BlueStacks Cloud Connect English

Launch and synchronize Android applications on a PC

TWRP Manager 9.8 English

Make it easier to use TWRP

MX ShareKaro 1.9.7 English

App for sharing files between devices

File Manager+ 2.7.1 English

Comprehensive file browser for Android

FileBin 1.2.5 English
FileBin 1.2.5

Recover files you have accidentally deleted

Apk Share Bluetooth 3.7.1 English

Share your Android APK files via bluetooth

XShare English

Send files without an Internet connection

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile English

How to transfer data from an old device to a new Samsung Galaxy

ZipSigner 3.4 English

Application for signing ZIP, APK and JAR files on Android

Link2SD 4.3.4 English
Link2SD 4.3.4

Free storage space by moving applications to your SD card

UltData 3.1.0 English
UltData 3.1.0

Recover your apparently lost data

Samsung SideSync English

Transfer files between your PC and phone

GT Recovery 1.0.6 English

App to recover files deleted from your Android

Split APKs Installer 4.5 English

Install multiple APKs with SAI

Phone Clone English
Phone Clone

Transfer data from a phone to a new Huawei

System app remover 7.3 English

Efficient system application uninstaller

MiXplorer 6.55.3 English
MiXplorer 6.55.3

Efficient file explorer

Deleted Photo Recovery 3.0.4 English

Recover photos delected by mistake on your Android

Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.24 English

The best file explorer

FlashFire Root 0.73 English

The app to flash your phone

PoMelo File Explorer 1.4.5 English

App to manage Android files and optimize your device

FileChef 1.9 English

Find open directories on the Internet and download anything you like

Samsung My Files English
Samsung My Files

Samsung Galaxy's file explorer

ShareMe 3.17.18 English
ShareMe 3.17.18

Xiaomi's tool to transfer files between devices

CM Transfer English
CM Transfer

Easily send files to your friends

USB Drivers for Android 11.0 English

Get hold of your phone's USB drivers

AirMore 1.6.5 English
AirMore 1.6.5

Manage your phone from your computer's browser

AirDroid English

Manage all the functions of your Android from your PC

Root Explorer 5.3.5 English

The best file manager for Android

Kies air 2.3.310281 English
Kies air 2.3.310281

Synchronize your Android with your PC

CC FileManager 1.06.01 English

Manage and clean your Android memory

File Recovery 1.2.4 English

Recover your deleted files

EasyShare English

Tool for sharing and transferring files from your smartphone

JioSwitch 4.04.21 English
JioSwitch 4.04.21

Wireless file transfer between devices using Wi-Fi SoftAP technology

FileMaster 1.6.7 English
FileMaster 1.6.7

File explorer and cleaner for Android

InShare English

Share applications and all kinds of files to other mobiles

X-plore File Manager 4.27.60 English

A good file manager for your Android

Zipper 2.1.93 English
Zipper 2.1.93

Manage and unzip files on Android

Loader Droid 1.0.1 English

Efficient download manager for Android

File Manager by Xiaomi V1-210717 English

Efficient file manager for Android developed by Xiaomi

Nero AirBurn 1.1.5 English

Burn your Android's content onto an optical disc

DiskUsage 4.0.2 English
DiskUsage 4.0.2

App to free space on your SD card

Ghost Commander 1.60.6 English

The best file manager for Android

Total Commander 3.33 English

One of the best file managers

Snapdrop 1.10.1 English
Snapdrop 1.10.1

A tool for seamless file sharing between devices

APK Analyzer 3.0.3 English

Analyze APK files before installing them on your cell phone

Remo English

Remove repeated images from your photo gallery

Mi Mover 3.2.2 English
Mi Mover 3.2.2

Transfer files from your old phone to your new Xiaomi

File Viewer 4.0.2 English

The app that opens all your Android files

Share Karo English
Share Karo

Share files and download content for your social networks

Phone Clone For All Android 2.8 English

Transfer your files from one mobile to another

SHARE Go 3.31 English
SHARE Go 3.31

Share your files with other devices

RS File Manager 1.7.1 English

Excellent file manager for Android

Duplicate Files Fixer English

Delete the repeated files on your Android

Cx File Explorer 1.8.0 English

Comprehensive file browser for Android

Microsoft SharePoint 3.27.0 English

The business teamwork platform from Microsoft

DigDeep 3.3.1 English
DigDeep 3.3.1

Search for and recover deleted photos

Undeleter 4.92 English
Undeleter 4.92

Recover files deleted from your smartphone

Clipbox 2.1.1 English
Clipbox 2.1.1

Find the best images on the Internet

Amaze File Manager 3.6.6 English

Powerful file manager for Android

Root Browser File Explorer 3.6.2.RC English

A complete file explorer

File Manager (File transfer) 2.7.8 English

App to improve the file management functions of Android

USB OTG Helper 6.6.1 English

Manage your storage as fast as possible

Swift File Transfer 1.2.1 English

App to transfer all sorts of files

APUS File Manager English
APUS File Manager

A complete and simple file manager

ShareCloud 4.9.1 English
ShareCloud 4.9.1

Share all your apps with whoever you want

Bluetooth App Sender 2.21 English

Send applications through Bluetooth

Apps2SD 14.1 English
Apps2SD 14.1

Manage applications on your SD card

Move to iOS 3.3.1 English

The app for migrating from Android to iPhone with ease

Bluetooth File Transfer 5.63 English

Send and receive files via Bluetooth

AT&T Mobile Transfer 3.19.5 English

Copy contacts and other data from one phone to another

Pushbullet 18.6.5 English
Pushbullet 18.6.5

Share files with other devices and send notifications to your PC

SnapPea 3.27.2 English
SnapPea 3.27.2

Mange your phone from your computer

AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps) 5.33 English

Free space by moving apps from the internal memory to an SD card

AntTek Explorer 5.6 English

A very complete file browser

SMB Plugin Ghost Commander 1.02 English

Access your Windows files from Android

Fast File Transfer 2.1.2 English

Transfer files between devices at higher speed

ASTRO File Manager 8.9.1 English

Organise your files and access them with more ease