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AirDroid: Remote access & File allows us to control all the functions of our smartphone or tablet from the desktop of a computer, whether Windows or Mac

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Smartphones and tablets are getting better and better in terms of usability but the comfort of a Windows or Mac desktop is out of doubt, especially when it comes to managing folders and storage space. That's why you might be interested in downloading an app of the likes of AirDroid: Remote access & File that allows you to control any aspect of your mobile device from a PC.

What's AirDroid for?

Now that you know that it's an app to manage an Android device from a computer, without requiring cables, it's now time explain the main functions of this tool that will help you to improve your productivity:

  • File transfer: sync your computer and phone to transfer any file between both devices regardless of if you're working on Windows or macOS. You can do so by means of a WiFi connection and without needing any cable. You can also send files to your contacts.
  • Show notifications on your computer screen: you can be working on your PC and receive on your monitor any notification or alert sent to your phone and even interact with the latter. Forget about continuously looking at your Android's screen.
  • Reply to calls and messages: there's no need to pick up your phone to answer calls or write SMS message. This app allows you to do so provided that you've got a microphone to speak.
  • Use any app on your computer: by means of its mirroring function, you can run any application on your PC. If it's a video you can watch it on your computer or play a game using your mouse.
  • Manage files or apps from your browser: whether you use Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera, you can use your browser to manage any file or app on your device. You can install and uninstall applications, rename folders, move files...
  • Remote camera function: you can use your phone as a surveillance camera as it plays on your computer screen whatever is registered on the camera.
  • Device protection: can't find your phone? It incorporates functions to locate it and block it, as well as being able to remove any information contained.
  • Write with your keyboard: if you install the desktop client on your PC, you can use your keyboard to write on your phone.
  • Optimization functions: it also offers us options to clean our memory and increase the speed of our mobile device.

It's definitely one of the best alternatives to control an Android device remotely from a computer. For such purpose, it's highly recommendable to download the desktop version to your computer (although it can also be used from a web browser, as we mentioned above). In turn, you can use the app free of charge and download its APK file without further complications. However, its Premium version which does cost money offers us full control of all its functions.

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