Wallpapers for Android

Customize your smartphone or tablet by downloading these wallpaper applications. Give your device a unique personal touch by modifying your home screen

ZEDGE 5.54.6 English
ZEDGE 5.54.6

Customize your Android with new icons, ringtones and wallpapers

mobile9 3.3.7 English
mobile9 3.3.7

Wallpapers, ringtones and much more

PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 3.2.7 English
PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 3.2.7

Hundreds of thousands of wallpapers

Wallpapers 1.3.169416333 English
Wallpapers 1.3.169416333

Google's images for your phone's wallpaper

Wallbase 2.1 English

Get hold of the best wallpapers for your Android

elementary Wallpapers 1.0 English

Selection of wallpapers from Linux's elegant distro

Wallpapers HD Backgrounds 7Fon 4.5.10 English

Free wallpapers for your mobile device

Muzei 2.5.1 English
Muzei 2.5.1

Turn your Android into a museum

Influx 0.1.2 English
Influx 0.1.2

Icon pack that pays special attention to details

LINE DECO 2.9.8 English

Customize and decorate your phone

Minimal Wallpapers 2.4 English

The most minimalistic wallpapers for your Android

Wallpapers HD 1.7.1 English

Customize your desktop with high quality images

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper 0.6.11 English

A different wallpaper for each desktop screen

500 Firepaper 2.80 English

Wallpapers from 500px

Muzei Tumblr Photos 1.3.4 English

Your favorite Tumblr photos on your home screen

Muzei HD Landscapes 2.0.2 English

The best landscape photos on your smartphone

MultiMuze 1.0.4 English
MultiMuze 1.0.4

Take control of Muzei's plug-ins

National Geographic Muzei 2.03 English

Nature and landscapes on your smartphone

Muzei Reddit 0.2.1 English

Use subreddit images as your wallpaper

APOD Muzei 1.0.6 English
APOD Muzei 1.0.6

A daily astronomy picture on your Android

Halloween HD Live Wallpaper 1.0 English

Halloween wallpapers for your Android

HPSTR 2.0.3 English
HPSTR 2.0.3

Wallpapers with a sensation of motion

D Ball Z Wallpaper 1.0 English

Dragon Ball wallpapers

WhatsApp Wallpaper 2 English

Wallpapers for WhatsApp

Wallgram 1.2.6 English
Wallgram 1.2.6

Stunning wallpapers for Android

Backgrounds HD 4.9.102 English

Customize your phone with new wallpapers

Walli 2.6.4 English
Walli 2.6.4

Wallpapers created by true artists

CocoPPa 4.0.2 English
CocoPPa 4.0.2

Customize your icons and wallpapers in a social manner

Video Live Wallpaper Free 1.1 English

You'll never be bored with your wallpaper