The best customization and wallpaper apps for Android

Android means customization, being able to change almost any aspect of our operating system. And we can do so with this selection of customization and wallpaper apps to give our device a much more personal touch

QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0 English

Sets shortcuts to running applications and tasks

ZEDGE 7.24.1 English
ZEDGE 7.24.1

Customize your Android with new icons, ringtones and wallpapers

VirtualXposed 0.20.3 English

Xposed Framework for non-rooted devices

Borderlight 1.5.2 English

Wallpaper with colorful animated edges

Theme Store 7.0.0 English

Download thousands of themes to customize ColorOS phones

Cometin 2.0 English
Cometin 2.0

Tweak your operating system without rooting your device

Galaxy Themes English
Galaxy Themes

The application for installing themes from the Samsung store

Soft Keys 2 - Home Back Button 2.0 English

Customize navigation buttons on Android

Sidebar Lite 4.4.0 English

Quicker access to the apps you use most

Navigation Bar 2.2.5 English

Customize your Android navigation bar

Assistive Touch 3.49 English

Button for fast access to Android functions

Super Status Bar 2.8.1 English

Shortcuts for your Android

Screen Shift 2.1 English

Set screen resolution, overscan, and density

Activity Launcher 1.11.0 English

Run your smartphone's app functions directly

Huawei Themes English
Huawei Themes

Personalize your Huawei cell phone

Menu Button 4.9 English

Buttons for quick access to a function menu

MyICON English

Icons and themes to customize your smartphone

Simple Photo Widget 1.6.2 English

Turn your images into widgets

DarQ 1.3 English
DarQ 1.3

App to force dark mode on Android

Simple Control 3.0.48 English

Change the touch buttons on your Android device

Settings App 1.0.158 English
Settings App 1.0.158

Configure applications individually

Wallpaper Engine 2.0.19 English

Get live wallpapers on your Android

Vivo Themes 1.1.5 English

Themes for changing the appearance of your smartphone

X Icon Changer 3.2.1 English

Customize your Android icons with this tool

SetOrientation 1.1.4 English

Set the default orientation of you Android screen

Play Store Settings Shortcut 1.1.5 English

Shortcuts for accessing Google Play functions

CocoPPa 4.0.8 English
CocoPPa 4.0.8

Customize your icons and wallpapers in a social manner

Color Changer 1.20 English

Reassign your Android's screen colours

Red Moon 3.5.0 English
Red Moon 3.5.0

Adjust the screen's brightness to your eyes

Easy DPI Changer 6.0.3 English

Change the screen resolution of your Android with a button

BTS Wallpaper 23.0 English

More than 1,000 BTS wallpapers

Back Button 1.13 English

Add floating buttons to your screen

mobile9 3.5.2 English
mobile9 3.5.2

Wallpapers, ringtones and much more

Split Screen Shortcut 2.14.0 English

Split your screen in two to use multiple apps at the same time

Partial Screen 1.13.0 English

Use your smartphone even with a broken screen

Bing Wallpapers 11.0.29158401 English
Bing Wallpapers 11.0.29158401

Bing wallpapers, now on your Android

Mi Control Center 3.8.6 English

Change the control center of your Android to that of MIUI or iOS

Transparent Phone 3.0 English

Turn the camera view into your wallpaper

Shimeji 4.1 English
Shimeji 4.1

App that lets you customize Android with pets and memes

Moto English

Get the most out of your Motorola phone