The best customization and wallpaper apps for Android

Android means customization, being able to change almost any aspect of our operating system. And we can do so with this selection of customization and wallpaper apps to give our device a much more personal touch

QuickShortcutMaker 2.5.0 English

Sets shortcuts to running applications and tasks

Shimeji 6.8 English
Shimeji 6.8

App that lets you customize Android with pets and memes

App vault 12.4.1 English
App vault 12.4.1

Create shortcuts to the functions you use most on your smartphone

ZEDGE 8.32.4 English
ZEDGE 8.32.4

Customize your Android with new icons, ringtones and wallpapers

Soft Keys 2 - Home Back Button 2.0 English

Customize navigation buttons on Android

VirtualXposed 0.22.0 English

Xposed Framework for unrooted devices

Color Changer 1.34 English

Reassign your Android's screen colours

Screen Shift 2.1 English

Set screen resolution, overscan, and density

Borderlight 1.6.2 English

Wallpaper with colorful animated edges

iLand 1.00.17 English
iLand 1.00.17

Use and customize Apple's dynamic island on your Android

MobCup 14.0.7 English
MobCup 14.0.7

Thousands of ringtones and wallpapers for your Android

Activity Launcher 1.15.2 English

Run your smartphone's app functions directly

Theme Store 9.1.0 English

Download thousands of themes to customize ColorOS phones

Hidden Android Settings 0.2.1 English

Access hidden settings

Partial Screen 1.18.0 English

Use your smartphone even with a broken screen

Split Screen Shortcut 2.14.0 English

Split your screen in two to use multiple apps at the same time

BuildProp Editor 2.5.1 English

Application to edit Android's build.prop file

Menu Button 7.1 English

Buttons for quick access to a function menu

Video Live Wallpaper 1.4.7 English

You'll never be bored with your wallpaper

Navigation Bar 3.2.1 English

Customize your Android navigation bar

Control Center Simple 1.0.7 English

A tool that lets you create an Android control center

Rotation Control 1.1 English

Improved rotation function for your Android

Sidebar Lite 4.4.0 English

Quicker access to the apps you use most

Garage Ringtones 1.97 English

Ringtones and sounds collection to customize your Android

Easy DPI Changer 6.0.3 English

Change the screen resolution of your Android with a button

Switch Access English
Switch Access

Control your device with switches or facial gestures

TikTok Live Wallpaper 29.0 English

Turn TikTok videos into wallpapers

Assistive Touch 4.0.8 English

Button for fast access to Android functions

Back Button 2.06 English

Add floating buttons to your screen

AiScreen 1.1 English

Set up a split screen on your Android

Settings App 1.0.158 English
Settings App 1.0.158

Configure applications individually

Dynamic Island 1.2.1 English

Get the iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island on Android

Simple Photo Widget 1.6.2 English

Turn your images into widgets

Galaxy Themes English
Galaxy Themes

The application for installing themes from the Samsung store

GIF Live Wallpaper 2.64.00 English

Set GIF animations as your smartphone's wallpaper

X Icon Changer 4.2.0 English

Customize your Android icons with this tool

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper 0.6.11 English

A different wallpaper for each desktop screen

Huawei Themes English
Huawei Themes

Personalize your Huawei cell phone

Pika! Super Wallpaper 1.2.4 English

Static, dynamic, and interactive wallpapers

Screen Resolution Changer 2.0 English

Change your Android screen resolution

Rolling Icons 2.6.3 English

Customize your phone with icons that roll across the screen

Mi Control Center 18.5.3 English

Change the control center of your Android to that of MIUI or iOS

mobile9 3.5.2 English
mobile9 3.5.2

Wallpapers, ringtones and much more

Simple Control 3.0.95 English

Change the touch buttons on your Android device

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4 English

3D interface for Android devices

Cometin 2.0 English
Cometin 2.0

Tweak your operating system without rooting your device

Play Store Settings Shortcut 1.1.5 English

Shortcuts for accessing Google Play functions

Tapet 8.052.006 English
Tapet 8.052.006

Sophisticated wallpaper generator app

Football Jersey Wallpaper 1.5.21 English

Personalized wallpapers featuring sports T-shirts

Dynamic Island by GriceMobile 1.3.0 English

Put Apple's dynamic island on your Android

Floating Apps 4.22 English

Become a multitasker with floating apps

Nox Lucky Wallpaper 2.7.8 English

Customize your phone with hundreds of backgrounds

Edge Screen 2.6.0 English

Optimize the use of your Android with customized quick access menus

Lotus Lantern 6.3.6 English

Change the brightness and color of your LED strip lights

Magic Fluids 1.1.7 English

Fluid wallpapers for your Android device

One4Wall 3.1.5 English
One4Wall 3.1.5

A broad collection of AI-generated backgrounds

Delta 1.8.2 English
Delta 1.8.2

Minimalist and beautiful icons to personalize your Android

SetOrientation 1.1.4 English

Set the default orientation of you Android screen

Dark Mode 2.23 English
Dark Mode 2.23

An app for turning on dark mode on Android

Cornerfly 1.14.RC2 English
Cornerfly 1.14.RC2

Add rounded corners to your Android's screen

Control Center 1.2.0 English

Customize your Android notification panel

Settings Widget 1.3 English

Configure your own system widget tool

iWidgets 1.0.7 English
iWidgets 1.0.7

Collection of widgets for customizing your Android screen

Edge Lighting 1.1.2 English

Add an LED light border to your Android screen

4D Live Wallpaper 1.8.0 English

Static and animated 3D backgrounds for your cell phone

MyICON English

Icons and themes to customize your smartphone

Xstana 2.5.2 English
Xstana 2.5.2

Customize your Android navigation bars and status

MIUI 9 icon pack 3.6.6 English

Bring the MIUI 9 style to your Android

Themify 1.17.2 English
Themify 1.17.2

Fantastic wallpapers and themes for Android devices

Themes Changer 0.6.2 English

Hundreds of themes to customize your smartphone

Shining Wallpaper 1.0.6 English

Extensive wallpaper collection for cell phones

Xiaomi Themes English
Xiaomi Themes

Customize your Xiaomi phone with a wide-ranging theme catalog

Wallpaper Engine 2.2.15 English

Get live wallpapers on your Android

MagicWidgets 1.1.2 English

Customize your Android home screen with a range of widgets

Bing Wallpapers 12.0.47470801 English
Bing Wallpapers 12.0.47470801

Bing wallpapers, now on your Android

Multi Window 5.2 English

Create shortcuts for tasks on your Android

CocoPPa 4.0.8 English
CocoPPa 4.0.8

Customize your icons and wallpapers in a social manner

Toca School Boca Routine 1.0 English

Wallpapers based on the virtual doll house

Video to Wallpaper 1.1.0 English

Turn your videos into live wallpapers

dynamicSpot 1.43 English

Get the dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro on your Android device

Themepack English

Customize your phone with icons and widgets

Bluetooth Settings Shortcut 5 English

Direct access to the Android bluetooth menu

4D Parallax Wallpaper 2.3 English

Create your own wallpapers

Navbar Apps 3.1 English

Customize the Android navigation bar

Edge Mask 2.98 English
Edge Mask 2.98

Customize the design of your notification pop-ups

Live Minecraft Wallpaper 2.8.18 English

The best gallery of Minecraft wallpapers

MIUI 5 7.9 English
MIUI 5 7.9

An elegant and functional interface for Android

ShowMe 1.2.1 English
ShowMe 1.2.1

Tool to customize your phone calls

Epic Wallpaper 2.8 English

Large collection of wallpapers for Android phones

LWP+ 2.44 English
LWP+ 2.44

Customize your Android interface colors

Wallpaper Plaza 2.0.2 English

A large collection of wallpapers

Wallpaper Setter 2.0.2 English

Customize and adapt your wallpaper

GRUBL 3.3.9 English
GRUBL 3.3.9

Huge gallery of animated wallpapers

Backdrops 4.52 English
Backdrops 4.52

Hundreds of original wallpapers for your cellphone

iCenter iOS16 6.2.5 English

Put the interface of an iPhone on your Android

Abstruct 2.7 English

High-quality 3D wallpapers for your cell phone or tablet

Super Status Bar 2.8.2 English

Shortcuts for your Android

Transparent Phone 3.0 English

Turn the camera view into your wallpaper

Wallpaper Saver v2.9.9.15 - 65 English
Wallpaper Saver v2.9.9.15 - 65

Save all the wallpapers you use

Twilight 13.6 English
Twilight 13.6

Regulate screen brightness according to the time

Button Mapper 3.09 English

Change your Android buttons' settings

KWGT 3.72b310707 English
KWGT 3.72b310707

Editor to customize widgets

Omni Swipe 2.47 English

Customize and simplify the access to your apps

Muzei 3.4.5 English
Muzei 3.4.5

Turn your Android into a museum

Custom Navigation Bar 1.1.0 English

Add custom buttons to the navigation bar of your cell phone

AWE 4K Wallpapers 1.0.0 English

A large gallery of wallpapers for Android

LoopWall 5.0.7 English
LoopWall 5.0.7

Live wallpapers for your Android

ThemeKit 10.9 English
ThemeKit 10.9

Attractive themes, icons, and wallpapers for your Android

Umair Fullscreen Immersive 1.2.2 English

Hide bars to make the screen larger

Another Widget 2.3.3 English

A customizable widget with useful information

PhotoSafe Fullscreen Immersive 1.0.5 English

Enlarge your mobile screen with one click

Dynamic Island by RoshaniApps 8.9 English

Enjoy the dynamic island of iPhone 14 on your Android

Xiaomi Wallpaper 2.6.549-08311114-ogl English
Xiaomi Wallpaper 2.6.549-08311114-ogl

Xiaomi wallpaper manager

Deep Wallpaper 1.0.1 English

Stylish HD wallpapers for your cell phone

Wave 5.8.5 English
Wave 5.8.5

3D wallpapers that come to life on your Android

Forest Live Wallpaper 1.11.8 English

A wallpaper that changes over time

Touchscreen Calibration 6.3 English

Correctly calibrate the operation of the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet

Funnly English

Personalize your Android with customizable ringtones and wallpapers

Muviz Edge English
Muviz Edge

Light up your Android screen edge to the rhythm of the music

4D Wallpaper 1.3.3 English

Get high quality wallpapers for your Android

Always On Edge 8.0.1 English

Customize your Android's edge lights

Voxel 9.3.2 English
Voxel 9.3.2

Customize your Android with thousands of icons

Lines 3.3.3 English
Lines 3.3.3

Minimalist line icons for Android

Blue Light Filter 1.4.8 English

Light filter for Android to protect your eyes’ health

Tiny Apps 1.101adt English
Tiny Apps 1.101adt

Add small floating apps to your main screen

Simple Shortcuts 3.8 English

Create and personalize shortcuts on your Android

DarQ 1.3 English
DarQ 1.3

App to force dark mode on Android

Chronus 22.7.3 English
Chronus 22.7.3

Customize your Android with all kinds of widgets

iFont English

Change your Android's text fonts

Wallpapers 14 English

Google's images for your phone's wallpaper

Wallpapers for WhatsApp 3 English

Wallpaper package app for WhatsApp

Wallpaper Galore 1.4.5 English

Elegant wallpapers for your phone

Decorate Me 1.1.7 English

Elegant wallpapers for Android phones

PixelPulse 1.0.6 English
PixelPulse 1.0.6

A gallery of creative wallpapers for Android

ArtisticWalls 1.1.5 English

Gallery of artistic wallpapers for Android

Wall Master 1.1.2 English

Collection of elegant wallpapers for Android

Pix Wallpapers 4.0 English

A collection of elegant mobile wallpapers

Wallpaper Max 1.0.3 English

A vast gallery of wallpapers

Wallpaper Universe 1.0.4 English

Wallpaper gallery for Android

Wallpaper Center 1.4 English

A vast gallery of wallpapers for Android devices

Darkness Wallpaper 2.0.6 English

A collection of dark and elegant wallpapers

BoxTheme 1.0.8 English
BoxTheme 1.0.8

Themes, icons, and more to customize your Android screen

Wallpaper Museum 2.0.1 English

An attractive collection of wallpapers for your phone

Infinity Wallpapers 1.0.5 English

A vast collection of wallpapers for cell phones

WallO Wallpapers English

Static, animated, and 4D wallpapers for Android

Happy Charger 1.1 English

Customize your Android charging screen

True Amps 2.4.5 English
True Amps 2.4.5

Customize the battery charging screen

Caffeine 1.4.1 English
Caffeine 1.4.1

A "coffee" to keep your Android always active

Walpy 2.5.1 English
Walpy 2.5.1

New wallpapers every day

Cool Wallpaper 1.2.4 English

Fabulous collection of wallpapers for your mobile