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2.1 Screen Shift is an application for setting the parameters of a screen on an Android smartphone or tablet, such as resolution, overscan, or pixel density
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We have often said it at Malavida: one of the best things about Android compared to other mobile operating systems is, without a doubt, its flexibility and how it allows itself to be customized. Many users don't really care much about that, but for those who want to have maximum control over their device, it is a big plus.

Set screen size the way you want it

If what you want is to customize the screen settings on your device then a good option is to use Screen Shift. This app allows us to set different parameters such as resolution, pixel density, or overscan.

  • Once the necessary permissions have been granted, you can find a menu that controls these three functions:
  • Resolution: set it as you please.
  • Overscan: extend or reduce screen borders on the four sides of the rectangle.
  • Density: customize the pixels per inch.

Some of these settings are obviously limited by features of the device's own hardware.

The app offers the possibility to save settings and apply them to the whole system in general or individually to the apps that we select. It also features pre-set profiles that are suitable for certain mobile device models.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.2.
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