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The Split Screen Shortcut application can put a shortcut in the navigation menu of our Android device in order to use the split screen mode easily


Split your screen in two to use multiple apps at the same time

September 17, 2021
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One of the advantages of computers is that they let us work in several windows at the same time. What if we could do the same on our mobile devices? By downloading the APK file of this app we can set up a shortcut to the split-screen option on our Android.

Now your Android is a multitasking device

Split Screen Shortcut is a tool for Android that allows us to quickly activate the split screen option on the device. In this way, this application turns any Android into a multitasking terminal to be able to use two windows at the same time.

Although more and more mobiles and tablets include this option, the main advantage of this app is that it provides us with shortcuts. To use it, just open its settings menu, configure it to your liking and grant the appropriate permissions.

This application adds optional shortcuts to toggle the split screen mode.

In addition, it gives us the option to put the shortcut on any of the three buttons in the bottom menu (triangle, circle and square). We just have to leave our finger pressed on the chosen button for a few moments so that the screen is divided in two.

Undoubtedly, this is a very practical app with which we can use several apps at the same time. No more not being able to answer messages or do other things while watching YouTube videos.

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