Mirroring Applications for Android

With these mirroring apps you'll be able to play videos or music and send the signal from Android to other smartphones or devices such as TVs

AA Mirror 1.0 English

Play any app you have in your Android in the car

EShare 4.6.24 English
EShare 4.6.24

Mirroring app to share contents from your phone

ApowerMirror 1.7.26 English
ApowerMirror 1.7.26

Control your Android from your PC

Castto 2.2.8 English
Castto 2.2.8

View your Android on your TV screen

Samsung Smart View English

App to send videos, music and photos to your Samsung Smart TV

Vysor 2.3.0 English
Vysor 2.3.0

Control your Android from your PC

HD Screen Mirroring 2.4 English

Watch your Android on your TV

LocalCast English

Send multimedia contents to other devices from your Android

Castify 10.540 English
Castify 10.540

Play Android media files on your TV

Screen Mirror 1.0.12 English

Mirroring app for developers

Chromecast built-in 1.44.194651 English
Chromecast built-in 1.44.194651

Send contents from your Android to your TV

CheapCast 0.4.6 English
CheapCast 0.4.6

Application that emulates ChromeCast's functions

Web Video Caster 5.0.5 English

Play multimedia files in your smartphone using other devices

Miracast 2.0 English

Play content from your mobile device on your smart TV

Tubio 2.68 English
Tubio 2.68

From your mobile device to your TV at the drop of a hat

BubbleUPnP 3.4.1 English
BubbleUPnP 3.4.1

A video player for mirroring

EZCast English

Share multi-media content with other devices

AirScreen 1.9.1 English
AirScreen 1.9.1

To stream and share videos on the same network

AllCast Receiver English

Streaming and mirroring between your Android and TV

AllCast English

Play your phone's videos and photos on your TV

Roku English

Control your device from your phone

iMediaShare 1.0.10 English
iMediaShare 1.0.10

Play your multimedia content wherever you want

TubeMote 1.92 English
TubeMote 1.92

Watch YouTube videos on your PC or smart TV

Your Phone Companion 1.20031.140.0 English
Your Phone Companion 1.20031.140.0

Connect Android and Windows 10

Photowall 1.1 English

See photos on the TV with Chromecast