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Screen Mirror is an app that allows you to share your Android's screen with other devices. It's not conceived for multimedia purposes, but for developers

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The increasing number of mobile devices has led to the development and simplification of mirroring technology. You know what it's all about: projecting on different devices whatever's played or hosted on another one (the system used by Chromecast, for instance).

An app conceived for developers

We've usually seen mirroring more focused on the multimedia field, but it's also useful for developers that want to show off their work, streaming it from their Android device. Screen Mirror projects the screen of your smartphone or tablet onto a browser, on a PC for instance, or any other device, including iPhones. However, the developer recommends the use of browsers with asm.js, such as Firefox and Chrome.

Its best aspect? The possibility to share your screen without rooting.

Can I use it to mirror videos or music on a SmartTV?

Nope. As we've said, it has been designed for app developers that want to show off their work and that aren't concerned about a decoding procedure that requires a higher performance and a Javascript client. In fact, that's what the abovementioned Chromecast, or alternatives like Roku, are all about.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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