App Cloners for Android

Find the best tools to clone Android apps, you can duplicate already installed applications and use two user accounts at once

VMOS 3.0.1 English
VMOS 3.0.1

Virtualize a second Android operating system on your Smartphone

App Cloner 2.17.12 English
App Cloner 2.17.12

Run an app twice on the same device

Parallel Space 4.0.9455 English
Parallel Space 4.0.9455

Use two WhatsApp accounts or other services on Android at the same time

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & Parallel APP 4.2.8 English

Clone applications in a parallel and independent space on your smartphone

VPhoneGaga 3.1.1 English
VPhoneGaga 3.1.1

Create a virtual space in which to run applications

Virtual Master 3.1.80 English

Use another Android operating system on your phone

Virtual Android 1.3.1 English

Parallel space for running applications safely

GO Multiple 2.8 English

Start two different sessions at once on the same app

Island 6.3 English
Island 6.3

Application cloning tool

Water Clone 1.2.1 English

Run several accounts of the same app at the same time on a phone

Multi Parallel English
Multi Parallel

Duplicate applications in parallel spaces on your Android

Multi-App Space 1.2.2 English

Clone apps with one touch

MultiApp 1.7.3 English
MultiApp 1.7.3

Clone Android applications

DO Multiple Accounts English
DO Multiple Accounts

Clone Apps is a parallel space inside your Android

2Face English

Create copies of your installed apps

Hide Apps 1.4.09 English
Hide Apps 1.4.09

Clone apps from your Android in a parallel and secret space

App Hider 3.3.0 English
App Hider 3.3.0

Hide and clone apps on your Android

Dual Apps 3.4.0_7eaff3ac1 English
Dual Apps 3.4.0_7eaff3ac1

Clone apps and run them in parallel spaces

Multiple Accounts 4.3.4 English

An application to clone apps

Dr.Clone 1.5 English

Log into two accounts on the same app on one device

Clone App 1.5.6 English
Clone App 1.5.6

Clone your apps and use dual WhatsApp and other app accounts on your mobile

2Accounts 4.2.1 English
2Accounts 4.2.1

Duplicate apps and use more than one account on a single phone

APK Inspector 4.61 English

Analyze the data of your installed apps and extract their APK

Parallel Space Lite 4.0.9432 English

Clone applications and manage multiple accounts on your cellphone

MoChat 2.4.3 English
MoChat 2.4.3

Use two or more WhatsApp or Facebook accounts on your phone

Skit 1.7 English
Skit 1.7

Advanced application manager for Android

Multi 9.3.856 English
Multi 9.3.856

Clone apps and open different sessions at the same time

CLONEit 2.3.9_ww English
CLONEit 2.3.9_ww

Copy data from one mobile to another

All Messenger 1.4.3 English

Use various apps without downloading them