Parallel space for running applications safely

December 24, 2021
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Application cloning tools in so-called parallel spaces are intended to assist the user in different areas of use of his device, bypassing some of the limitations of Android. Among them we find the famous Parallel Space, but there are other alternatives such as Virtual Android.

Privacy, security and multiple user accounts

This application offers us what is known as a sandbox, a safe space within the operating system that runs as another operating system, but independent of the one that supports it. In other words, we are faced with a virtual machine. In this case, it is an Android machine running version 7.1.1: These would be the main utilities that it can offer:

  • Privacy: runs applications without other users of the device discovering them.
  • Security: when running inside a sandbox, any application that may be dangerous cannot affect the operation of the operating system of the phone or tablet.
  • Multiple user accounts: there are services such as messaging apps or social networks that do not allow the use of more than one account per device. Cloning apps is possible, since for practical purposes they work as independent apps from each other.

It offers us an Android with just a few apps where we can install the apps we want, either by cloning the ones we already have installed or by downloading them from sites such as Google Play or, the most recommended, Malavida.

Requirements and additional information:

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