Keyboards and Emoji Applications for Android

With these keyboard and emoji apps you can get hold of more efficient typing systems and different emoticons and drawings to express yourself better

Bitmoji English

Android app to create customized emojis

Emoji Font 3 3.0.10 English
Emoji Font 3 3.0.10

Text fonts and emojis for your Android

zFont 3 3.2.1 English
zFont 3 3.2.1

Change the text font of your Android

Cheetah Keyboard 5.15.1 English

Android keyboard with smart word suggestions

Apple Keyboard 2.2.0 English

Keyboard application for Android

Siine Shortcut Keyboard 2.05.04 English

A keyboard with customizable options and shortcuts

MultiLing Keyboard 1.1.7 English

Lightweight keyboard with several languages

Hacker's Keyboard 1.40.7 English

A keyboard for Android that recreates a PC QWERTY

Samsung Keyboard English
Samsung Keyboard

The text input app for Samsung devices

Gboard - Google Keyboard English
Gboard - Google Keyboard

Change your default keyboard for Google's official version

Sogou Input 10.32 English

Sogou Keyboard, a Chinese Keyboard for Android

W2 Emoji Changer 1.0.4 English

Emoji library for Android

Emoji keyboard - Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers 3.4.3453 English

Keyboards, themes, and wallpapers in the same app

FontFix English

Download and install new text fonts on your Android

Fouad Keyboard V8 English

The keyboard for Android from the developer of FMWhatsApp

MiMoji 1.0.0 English
MiMoji 1.0.0

Emojis with facial recognition

Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017 English
Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017

Fast and customizable keyboard

Fonts 4.3.1 English
Fonts 4.3.1

Mixed-source keyboards for all your apps

Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2 English

Send rather different randy emoticons

Microsoft SwiftKey English

Keyboard to improve your productivity when typing on Android

Cool Text and Symbols 5.0.1 English

Add a touch of personality to your texts with fonts and symbols

HiFont 7.7.7 English
HiFont 7.7.7

Change your Android's text fonts

GO Keyboard 3.60 English

Keyboard that improves writing on Android

Ridmik Keyboard 5.5.1 English

Keyboard for Android for writing in Bengali

Simeji Japanese Input + Emoji 14.3.2 English

Write in Japanese with Simeji Keyboard for Android

TouchPal Keyboard English
TouchPal Keyboard

Customize your Android with new keyboards and emoticons

Kika Emoji Keyboard English

Keyboard app for Android with thousands of emojis and GIFs

Google Pinyin Input English
Google Pinyin Input

Google's keyboard to write Chinese characters

TypeSmart 2.6.1 English
TypeSmart 2.6.1

A keyboard that learns from your writing

Bemoji 3.4.0 English
Bemoji 3.4.0

Application to create an avatar of yourself

Popular Stickers 2.9.96 English

Collection of stickers and emojis for your chats

Dollify 1.3.6 English
Dollify 1.3.6

Create your avatar and dollify yourself

Redraw Keyboard 1.351.1.176 English
Redraw Keyboard 1.351.1.176

Dozens of keyboards and hundreds of emojis

Bobble AI Keyboard English

A keyboard with GIFs, stickers, memes, and more

Neon LED Keyboard 1.3.2 English

A LED custom keyboard

Minions Emoji 3.6 English

Share stickers based on the Minions

Avatoon 1.5.0 English
Avatoon 1.5.0

Express yourself with customized avatars

Zmoji 1.4.4 English
Zmoji 1.4.4

The app to create customized avatars

Stylish Text 2.4.4 English

Write texts with creative font designs

Grammarly Keyboard English

Correct your grammar mistakes with this keyboard