Keyboards and Emoji Applications for Android

With these keyboard and emoji apps you can get hold of more efficient typing systems and different emoticons and drawings to express yourself better

Gboard English

Google's keyboard for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey English

Keyboard to improve your productivity when typing on Android

Bitmoji English

Android app to create customized emojis

Dollify 1.4.0 English
Dollify 1.4.0

Create beautiful avatars for your apps or social networks

Emoji Font 3 3.0.10 English
Emoji Font 3 3.0.10

Text fonts and emojis for your Android

zFont 3 3.3.4 English
zFont 3 3.3.4

Change the text font of your Android

Hacker's Keyboard 1.40.7 English

A keyboard for Android that recreates a PC QWERTY

Cheetah Keyboard 5.15.1 English

Android keyboard with smart word suggestions

Apple Keyboard 2.2.0 English

Keyboard application for Android

Sogou Input 11.10 English

Sogou Keyboard, a Chinese Keyboard for Android

Fouad Keyboard V8 English

The keyboard for Android from the developer of FMWhatsApp

GO Keyboard 4.11 English

Keyboard that improves writing on Android

Samsung Keyboard English
Samsung Keyboard

The text input app for Samsung devices

emojimix 4 English

Combine emojis to create new ones

Adult Emojis & Dirty Emoticons 1.2 English

Send rather different randy emoticons

Siine Shortcut Keyboard 2.05.04 English

A keyboard with customizable options and shortcuts

Bobble AI Keyboard English

A keyboard with GIFs, stickers, memes, and more

Fonts English

Mixed-source keyboards for all your apps

Minions Emoji 3.6 English

Share stickers based on the Minions

Keyboard Color 1.307.1.128 English
Keyboard Color 1.307.1.128

Customize your Android with a color keyboard

Blue Words 7.0.29 English
Blue Words 7.0.29

Lots of fonts for your Android

iMore Keyboard 2.5.4 English

Customize your smartphone's keyboard

Face Cam 1.3.5 English
Face Cam 1.3.5

Turn your face into a 3D emoji

W2 Emoji Changer 1.0.4 English

Emoji library for Android

TouchPal Keyboard English
TouchPal Keyboard

Customize your Android with new keyboards and emoticons

Redraw Keyboard 1.351.1.176 English
Redraw Keyboard 1.351.1.176

Dozens of keyboards and hundreds of emojis

Hi Emoji Keyboard 2.0.7 English

Over 4,000 emojis for your Android keyboard

Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017 English
Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017

Fast and customizable keyboard

Neon LED Keyboard 1.3.2 English

A LED custom keyboard

Unicode Pad 2.10.4 English
Unicode Pad 2.10.4

All the Unicode characters

HiFont 7.7.7 English
HiFont 7.7.7

Change your Android's text fonts

Facemoji 2.9.0 English
Facemoji 2.9.0

Thousands of emojis and GIFs built into your keyboard

Tap Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1176.0213 English
Tap Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1176.0213

Customize your Android keyboard with emojis

Google Pinyin Input English
Google Pinyin Input

Google's keyboard to write Chinese characters

Multiling O Keyboard pie.1.0.2 English

A lightweight multilingual keyboard

Neon Love Themes 7.5.8_0630 English
Neon Love Themes 7.5.8_0630

Decorate and customize your mobile keyboard

Simple Keyboard 5.9 English

A basic and functional keyboard

FancyKey 4.7 English

Keyboard for Android with customizable themes

FontFix English

Download and install new text fonts on your Android

Stylish Text 2.4.9 English

Write texts with creative font designs

MiMoji 1.0.0 English
MiMoji 1.0.0

Emojis with facial recognition

Emoji keyboard - Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers 3.4.3634 English

Keyboards, themes, and wallpapers in the same app

Chrooma Keyboard helium-5.1.1 English
Chrooma Keyboard helium-5.1.1

Lightweight customizable keyboard

Yandex.Keyboard 35.7 English

The Yandex keyboard for Android

AnySoftKeyboard 1.11.225 English
AnySoftKeyboard 1.11.225

Customizable and versatile keyboards for your Android

VideoMoji 1.0.1 English
VideoMoji 1.0.1

Create fun avatar videos with your own facial expressions

Google Japanese Input 2.25.4177.3.339833498 English
Google Japanese Input 2.25.4177.3.339833498

The Japanese keyboard app for Android

Simeji Japanese Input + Emoji 16.9 English

Write in Japanese with Simeji Keyboard for Android

Emoji Up 3.2.4 English
Emoji Up 3.2.4

Design emoticons and show off original emojis

Fontmaker 1.4 English

Choose the handwriting for your phone's keyboard

Auto Paste Keyboard 1.2.0 English

Keyboard for pasting text easily

Emoji Home 2.10.96 English
Emoji Home 2.10.96

Launcher for Android specialised in emoticons

MojiPop English

Create personalized stickers of your face

Bear Heart Stickers English

Bear stickers for your chats

Cool Text and Symbols 5.0.1 English

Add a touch of personality to your texts with fonts and symbols

Avatoon 1.6.4 English
Avatoon 1.6.4

Express yourself with customized avatars

Elite Emoji 2.7.3 English

Large collection of emoticons and stickers for your chats

Mirror Emoji Keyboard & Sticker Maker 1.32.95 English

Create your own emojis from selfies

Typewise 3.1.13 English
Typewise 3.1.13

Keyboard for cutting down on typos and writing faster

Memoji 2.0.7 English
Memoji 2.0.7

Turn your face into an emoji and incorporate into your keyboard

Bemoji 3.4.0 English
Bemoji 3.4.0

Application to create an avatar of yourself

Fontster 3.4 English

Change your fonts on Android

Pastel Girl 2.5.4 English

Create your doll-like avatar

Unnie doll 4.6.6 English
Unnie doll 4.6.6

Create your own avatars and turn them into emojis and wallpapers

Emoji Maker English
Emoji Maker

Create your own emojis and stickers

Fantasy Keyboard English
Fantasy Keyboard

Change the default keyboard of your Android

GIF Keyboard by Tenor 2.1.13 English

Communicate with a GIF keyboard

Popular Stickers 2.1.0 English

Collection of stickers and emojis for your chats

Grammarly Keyboard 2.0.9978 English

Correct your grammar mistakes with this keyboard

Hi Keyboard - Emoji,Theme 1.23 English

Hundreds of emojis and animations in this Android keyboard

Christmas Emoticons 2.6 English

Apply Christmas emoticons to your written messages

Colorful Keyboard 1.307.1.139 English
Colorful Keyboard 1.307.1.139

A joyful keyboard for your phone

Luminous Keyboard 1.307.1.171 English
Luminous Keyboard 1.307.1.171

Bright keys for your Android keyboard

Land of Love Animated Keyboard 3.63 English

Android keyboard with loving motifs

Kika Emoji Keyboard English

Keyboard app for Android with thousands of emojis and GIFs

SwiftKey Symbols 1.24 English

Non-verbal communication on Android

Google Handwriting Input 1.9.3 English

Write by hand on your Android

Fleksy 10.2.7 English
Fleksy 10.2.7

Predictive keyboard suitable for visually impaired people