Gesture Control Applications for Android

These gesture control applications for Android allow you to configure different gesture patterns to be able to control different functions of your device

GMD Gesture Control 10.1.9-release English
GMD Gesture Control 10.1.9-release

Configure gesture control actions for your Android

Hovering Controls 1.8.04 English

Control your Android without touching the screen

Face Pause 12.1 English

Pause your apps using face recognition

Quick Reboot 2.1.5 English

Create shortcuts to the operating system's reboot

Moto Actions English
Moto Actions

Configure the gestures to use your Motorola phone

Air Swiper 3.0.3 English
Air Swiper 3.0.3

Control your Android without touching the screen

Google Gesture Search 2.1.5 English

Rapid access to your smartphone's functions

utter! 3.1.3 English
utter! 3.1.3

Control your Android with voice commands

Navigation Gestures 1.21.10 English

Replace the navigation bar with gesture controls

QuickClick 1.3.37 English
QuickClick 1.3.37

Launch applications with the volume controls

miUnlock 1.5 English

Blow or shake your smartphone to unlock it

Air Control 3.25 English

Complete gesture control of your Android device

Google BrailleBack English
Google BrailleBack

Adapt an Android for the blind

KinScreen 6.0.3 English
KinScreen 6.0.3

App to configure the behavior of the screen of your mobile

WaveUp 3.2.3 English
WaveUp 3.2.3

Unlock your phone without pressing buttons

Pressy 1.1.0 English
Pressy 1.1.0

A button for all your phone's functions

Magus 1.12 English
Magus 1.12

Use your phone with 3D gestures