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The Google BrailleBack application is a visual adaptability tool from Google with which we will be able to use an Android device with a braille display

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Google offers us an accessibility app to facilitate the use of cell phones and tablets by blind and other visually impaired people, but how does it work?

How to adapt an Android for blind users

Google BrailleBack is an accessibility tool developed by Google for Android devices. It is used in conjunction with the TalkBack app, offering a combined voice and braille experience. In this way, we can use our cell phone with enhanced tactile functions.

In addition, by downloading the APK file from this app we can connect a braille display compatible with our terminal via Bluetooth. Using this system, the content of the multimedia device is displayed on the braille screen, allowing blind people to navigate and interact with the terminal using the keys on the screen.

An accessibility service that helps blind users to use braille devices.

And we can even enter text with the braille keyboard. And the best thing is that this app is compatible with many braille devices.

To use it, it will be necessary to open the configuration system or the settings of our Android terminal, as the app does not have its own icon. Once we give the necessary permissions to both apps, we will be shown a tutorial with audios to learn how to use all the functions available.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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