Notification Applications for Android

Configure and customize all the application and operating system alerts on your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to these notification apps

iNoty 11.0 English
iNoty 11.0

Customize your Android notifications

Flash Alerts 2 2.2.7 English

Enable LED notifications

Visualfy 5.9.0 English
Visualfy 5.9.0

Visual and sensorial notifications on your phone

Pushbullet 18.0.9 English
Pushbullet 18.0.9

Share files with other devices and send notifications to your PC

Notification Toggle 3.8.1 English

Customize Android's notification bar

Light Manager 12.2.1 English

Configure your phone's notification LED

Samsung Push Service 1.9.01 English

Improve the presentation of your notifications

SIM Card 2.1 English

Check all the information about your SIM

Light Flow 3.75.00 English
Light Flow 3.75.00

Configure your phone's lights as notifications

Floatify 11.61 English
Floatify 11.61

Floating notifications and quick replies