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You can use Fake Notifications to create and even schedule fake notifications for any application. You can customize them based on how you use them


Create custom notifications

May 17, 2024
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For a variety of purposes, Fake Notifications APK is a tool to generate fake notifications. They can be from any app on your device, since it is not really the one that sends the warnings.

And what sense does it make then? We can generate them with different goals, such as playing pranks on our friends. For example, to make them think that a girl or a boy is flirting with us through messages. Or use them as reminders of important events, from a birthday to a premiere that interests us.

With Scheduling and Repetition

It is very easy to design each notification, which you can customize with a title, a brief text and another floating one. In addition to a description in case you want the content to be more extensive. When it is ready, you save it in Fake Notifications.

You can also send it to receive it immediately or schedule it to appear on a specific day at an exact time.

It is even possible to select the repetition of the same notifications every few minutes, hours, days, months, or years, as you specify.

There's no doubt that when you download Fake Notifications Android for free you can use it as we've mentioned and it is practical. However, the downside is that you can only create three different notifications unless you subscribe to the premium version to have more.

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