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Google Play Services is the tool that synchronizes and acts as a middle man between your apps and the online products that the search engine offers you

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On any Android device like a smartphone or tablet, the management of the updates of all the applications installed is centralized. This management is carried out by means of an application that works as an extra system layer of the operating system. We're talking about Google Play Services.

What is it and what's it for?

Well, we could define it in plain words as the middle man between your Android and all your device's apps. In other words, when you download an APK and install the application it makes it blend in better with all the operating system's functions and all Google's products: from maps to the application store. Therefore, it's an essential tool that's a key aspect for the correct functioning of your phone.

The tool that keeps your Android device updated.

Is it absolutely necessary for my phone to work? No, it isn't, as you could be using an Android version that doesn't depend on Google's ecosystem, from its app store to its maps and other services.

Main features

However, that's not its only function, as it covers others such as contact synchronization, access to the user's last privacy configuration or speeding up offline searches.

  • Automatic update of applications.
  • Integration of Google services with your handset.
  • Authentication on applications and services owned by the company.
  • Contact synchronization.
  • Faster offline searches.
  • Automatic installation of the application in the case of being deleted.

Problems that may arise

It isn't usual, but on certain occasions, this application's stability may fail and we might find that it crashes, it offers us an error message during an update or it consumes too much battery.

  • In the case of failure: if it shuts down it will start up again because it's an essential function for the communication between Android and the software installed.
  • High battery consumption: the solution may have to do with deleting stored data from the application settings or configuring the data synchronized by your user account.
  • Update error: in this case, you might have to download the latest version of the application and reinstall it on your terminal. In any case, this is the best solution if you were to detect any malfunctioning of the app.

Changes in the latest version

  • No changelog available.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 9.0.
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Google Play Services Tips & Tricks

How to use Google Play Services and how they work

You don’t have to do anything at all to use Google Play Services; simply make sure that the app is installed on your phone; despite its name, it is like any other app. Google Play Services is a system app that works opaquely in the background providing all its functions without the need for you to interact with it. In fact, it doesn’t even have an interface or access icon. At most, the operating system will require you to grant it permissions when installing new apps or performing other activities that require its functions, but that is all.


What are Google Play Services and what are they for

Google Play Services is a system application that is preinstalled on all Android mobile phones that use the Google ecosystem. This app is, in fact, a set of libraries created by Google and made available to all developers for them to take advantage of and implement Google services in their apps, which provides many benefits to users. Google Services can be understood as the link between Android, our phone apps, and Google online services.


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