Other tools for Android

Turn your Android into a multipurpose tool thanks to these utilities with which you can take full advantage of all its software and hardware functionalities and performance, and its synchronization with different peripherals

Google Play Services 20.24.14 English

Sync your phone's apps and functions with Google's ecosystem

FRP Bypass 2.0 English

Avoid Google's FRP protection

Droid SQLi 1.0 English

SQL Injection Attacks from Android

Limbo Emulator 4.1.0 English

Virtualiza operating systems based on the Intel x86 architecture

microG English

Greater privacy when it comes to using Google's services

Google Account Manager 7.1.2 English

Manage multiple accounts on your device

Android 10 English

Version number 10 of Android

Android 5 Lollipop English

The first Android with Material Design

Android 6 Marshmallow English

Android version 6

Android 9 P English

The ninth version of Android

Android 7 Nougat English

Android version 7.0

Wine 5.11 English
Wine 5.11

Run Windows software on Android

Android 8 Oreo English

Version 8.0 of Android

JBED 2.3.1 English
JBED 2.3.1

Use Java applications on Android

IMEI Changer 1.7 English

App to generate new IMEI numbers

Google Play Services for AR 1.18.20060303 English

The SDK that offers support for augmented reality

Redfinger Cloud Emulator 1.5.8 English

Android emulator on the cloud

Google Installer 2.0 English

Install Google applications

Termux 0.76 English
Termux 0.76

A complete Linux terminal emulator

Recycle Bin 2.5 English

A trash can app like the Windows application

Huawei System Update English

The Huawei EMUI updater

Google App English
Google App

Android app for Google's search engine

Wear OS (Android Wear) English
Wear OS (Android Wear)

Synchronize your smart-watch and your phone

APK Parser 1.0.4 English
APK Parser 1.0.4

Analyze any APK code

Mediatek SmartDevice 1.7.6 English

Improve the connectivity of Mediatek processor-based smartwatches

Google Go 3.11.319290070 English
Google Go 3.11.319290070

Customize your phone with Google's searches

Device ID 1.3.2 English
Device ID 1.3.2

Find out the identifier of your Android device

DeskDock 1.2.1 English
DeskDock 1.2.1

Use your computer mouse on your Android

NFC Tools 8.0 English

Manage the NFC technology on your Android device

APK Downloader English
APK Downloader

App to download APKs

Samsung KMS Agent 1.0.40 English

Samsung's App to support NFC-based services

Google Pixel Buds 1.0.308054094 English
Google Pixel Buds 1.0.308054094

Configure and improve the performance of your Pixel Buds

Instant Apps 4.07 English

Instant applications from Google

Android 11 English

Version 11 of Android

Huawei Mobile Services English

An advanced service app for Huawei users

USB OTG Checker 1.6.9g English

Check USB OTG compatibility

Oculus English

The Oculus headsets and applications store

Huawei Wear English
Huawei Wear

Synchronize your smartphone with Huawei wearables

Fulldive VR English
Fulldive VR

Navigation platform for virtual reality environments

Google VR Services 1.23.265693388 English
Google VR Services 1.23.265693388

The companion app for Daydream headsets