Other tools for Android

Turn your Android into a multipurpose tool thanks to these utilities with which you can take full advantage of all its software and hardware functionalities and performance, and its synchronization with different peripherals

FRP Bypass 2.0 English

Bypass Google FRP protection

Google App English
Google App

Android app for Google's search engine

Google Play Services 24.20.13 English

Synchronize your apps and smartphone features with the Google ecosystem

Google Play Services for AR 1.43.240930493 English

The SDK that offers support for augmented reality

Android 11 English

Version 11 of Android

Google Account Manager 7.1.2 English

Manage multiple accounts on your device

Android 10 English

Version number 10 of Android

Chat Partner 18.06 English

App needed for installing Google apps on Huawei phones

Android 5 Lollipop English

The first Android with Material Design

microG English

Greater privacy when it comes to using Google's services

MIUI Downloader 1.9.1 English

Search for all the ROMs available for your Xiaomi

Limbo Emulator 6.0.1 English

Virtualiza operating systems based on the Intel x86 architecture

Android 6 Marshmallow English

Android version 6

IMEI Changer 1.7 English

App to generate new IMEI numbers

Google Installer 2.0 English

Install Google applications

Wine 7.0-rc6 English
Wine 7.0-rc6

Run Windows software on Android

Android 12 English

Android version 12 with design changes and new features

Android 9 P English

The ninth version of Android

Android 7 Nougat English

Android version 7.0

Android 8 Oreo English

Version 8.0 of Android

Android 13 English

Version 13 of the Google mobile operating system

JBED 2.3.1 English
JBED 2.3.1

Use Java applications on Android

SetEdit 2023.11.16 English
SetEdit 2023.11.16

Settings Database Editor for your Android

Android 15 English

Version 15 of Google's mobile operating system

Termux 0.119.1 English
Termux 0.119.1

A complete Linux terminal emulator

PixelExperience English

A ROM that gives your Android an environment similar to the Google Pixel devices

Lineage OS Downloader 3.3.4 English
Lineage OS Downloader 3.3.4

The replacement of the late CyanogenMod

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.70 English

The Linux command console on Android

crDroid 9.7 English
crDroid 9.7

An Android ROM that extends its customization options

Device ID 1.3.2 English
Device ID 1.3.2

Basic Android device information

Googlefier English

Install Google services onto Huawei phones

IMEI Changer Pro 1.0.0 English

Generate, analyze, search and change the IMEI number of your mobile phone

APK Parser 1.0.4 English
APK Parser 1.0.4

Analyze any APK code

GrapheneOS 2024052100 English
GrapheneOS 2024052100

Security-focused Android ROM without Google services

Android 14 English

Google's smartphone operating system reaches version 14

MIUI Hidden Settings 1.6.1 English

Manage the hidden functions of Xiaomi phones

Distance and Area Measurement 1.56 English

Digital ruler for measuring distances and areas

Huawei System Update English

The Huawei EMUI updater

Google VR Services 1.23.283897185 English
Google VR Services 1.23.283897185

The companion app for Daydream headsets

Weight Scale Estimator 1.13 English

Turn your mobile into a pocket scale

Resurrection Remix 8.7.3 English

ROM that improves your Android's performance

Bing 28.4.420523017 English
Bing 28.4.420523017

The Microsoft search engine app

Google Go 3.104.633021496 English
Google Go 3.104.633021496

Customize your phone with Google's searches

Evolution X 6.2.2 English

ROM that turns your Android into a Pixel

AnLinux 6.55 English
AnLinux 6.55

Linux environment for your Android phone

GCamator 5.1.9 English
GCamator 5.1.9

Install Google Camera on your Android

Split Screen 3.2 English

Application for splitting the screen in multi-task mode

Mediatek SmartDevice 1.7.6 English

Improve the connectivity of Mediatek processor-based smartwatches

DeskDock 1.2.4 English
DeskDock 1.2.4

Use your computer mouse on your Android

Bluetooth Pair 2.8 English

Automate the pairing of your phone with Bluetooth devices

Wear OS (Android Wear) English
Wear OS (Android Wear)

Synchronize your smart-watch and your phone

Gspace 2.0.5 English
Gspace 2.0.5

Use Google apps on Huawei devices

Huawei Mobile Services English

An advanced service app for Huawei users

Redfinger Cloud Emulator English

Android emulator on the cloud

MyAppSharer 2.3.2 English

Share your Android's apps

OmniRom 14 English

Custom Android ROM developed for system stability

Dumpster 3.16.409.f597d English
Dumpster 3.16.409.f597d

Recycling bin for Android

Clear Wave 1.3.6 English
Clear Wave 1.3.6

Remove water from your cell phone without resorting to rice

Touch Screen Test 5.2.0 English

A tool to help you calibrate your Android screen

Linux Deploy 2.6.0 English

Install Linux on your Android

Huawei Wear English
Huawei Wear

Synchronize your smartphone with Huawei wearables

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) English

Control your wearable devices

APK Downloader English
APK Downloader

App to download APKs

dotOS 5.2 English
dotOS 5.2

Android ROM focused on simplicity and security

Bluetooth Auto Connect 5.1.0 English

Manage your connection to Bluetooth devices

Samsung Experience Service English

Connect to Samsung's online servics

Linux on DeX 1.0.38 English
Linux on DeX 1.0.38

Ubuntu on your PC through a connected Android

USB OTG Checker 1.6.9g English

Check USB OTG compatibility

Carrier Services 20240108 English

The app that allows your device to make the most of the network

Paranoid Android 13 English

One of the best custom Android ROMs

UserLAnd 23.09.13 English
UserLAnd 23.09.13

Use Linux on your Android

Hidden Camera Detector 18.0 English

Find out if there are hidden cameras in your home

Device Information Specs 1.4.6 English

Find out your cell phone specs

MIUI Updater 1.0.8 English

Check whether your Xiaomi will receive the next update

Debian 20.07.22 English
Debian 20.07.22

Use the Linux operating system on your Android

Andronix 6.0 English

Install Linux on your Android

HyperOS Updater 2.0.8 English

Find out about upcoming updates for your Xiaomi device

USB Debug 3.2.31 English
USB Debug 3.2.31

Turn developer options on or off

Nacho Notch 34 English

Hide your Android's notch easily

ArrowOS 12.0 English
ArrowOS 12.0

An Android ROM that improves performance and graphic appearance

Fulldive VR English
Fulldive VR

Navigation platform for virtual reality environments

FilePursuit 2.0.47 English
FilePursuit 2.0.47

Find the file you are looking for in the seemingly endless Internet

BlissRoms Arcadia 16.0 English
BlissRoms Arcadia 16.0

An Android ROM with added security settings, options, and features

Play Services Info 0.15 English

Check the status of Google Play Services

Petal Search English
Petal Search

The search app for Huawei phones

Together Price 2.5.9 English

Share online service accounts to save money

Dead Pixels Test and Fix 3.06 English

Detect dead pixels on your smartphone

Digital LED Signboard 2.2 English

Compose and share texts in LED signboard mode

Bluetooth Scanner 1.2.1 English

Discover all the bluetooth devices nearby

AR Ruler App 2.7.4 English

Measure distances and dimensions with your smartphone

Downmi 1.0 English
Downmi 1.0

Download ROMs for your Xiaomi mobile

Yahoo Search 6.7.5 English

The popular search engine for Android

Samsung KMS Agent 1.0.40-46 English

Samsung's App to support NFC-based services

Instant Apps 4.07 English

Instant applications from Google

Sony Support 5.12.4 English
Sony Support 5.12.4

The technical assistance app for Sony devices

Cardboard 3.4 English

Bring virtual reality to your smartphone

Handy Amplifier 1.0.2 English

An app that turns your cell phone into a digital magnifying glass

Sensors Multitool 1.3.2 English

Analysis tool for all sensors on your Android device

LED Banner Marquee 1.1.4 English

Create customized illuminated signs

LED Scroller 19.0 English

Write texts and display them in LED sign mode

Meta Quest English
Meta Quest

The Oculus headsets and applications store

SIM Card 2.1 English

Check all the information about your SIM

drawnames 1.44.11 English
drawnames 1.44.11

The most straightforward and effective Secret Santa organizer

Whistle 1.8.01 English
Whistle 1.8.01

A digital whistle for your phone

realme Link 3.10.1027.4010 English
realme Link 3.10.1027.4010

Control your realme devices with your mobile phone

Bitly 2.8.3 English
Bitly 2.8.3

The official app from the famous URL shortener

Vibrations-Test 1.1.0 English

Check if the vibration function of your device is working properly

Electron 1.5.7 English
Electron 1.5.7

Battery status information

MHL Checker 1.5 English

Check if your Android is compatible with HDMI cables

Laser Level 1.5.02 English
Laser Level 1.5.02

A level with a range of functions for your DIY

Android Device Policy 51.475.5 English

Streamline Android's terms of use

3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob 06.17.00 English

Take home measurements using your phone

NFC TagInfo 1.12a English

Scan and read NFC tags on your Android

NFC Check 4.3.1 English
NFC Check 4.3.1

Does my Android have NFC?

Ruler App 5.5.3 English
Ruler App 5.5.3

Take action with augmented reality technology

Google Crowdsource 2.0.351741067 English
Google Crowdsource 2.0.351741067

Help improve Google products in your region

Bosch Toolbox 6.5.1 English

The app that all construction professionals need

Yahoo Lite 1 English

Lightweight version for accessing Yahoo services

CamToPlan 3.3.4 English
CamToPlan 3.3.4

App for measuring surfaces and height using augmented reality

Bubble Level 8.0.3 English

A digital level in your pocket

Google Pixel Buds 1.0.415420055 English
Google Pixel Buds 1.0.415420055

Configure and improve the performance of your Pixel Buds

Recycle Bin 2.5 English

A trash can app like the Windows application

Share Apps 1.2.1 English
Share Apps 1.2.1

Send the APKs of your apps to other prices

NFC Enabled? 1.2 English

Find out if your smartphone supports NFC technology