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SetEdit or Settings Database Editor enables users to establish their own values in order to configure a range of Android parameters using the database

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Any Android user knows that one of the main advantages it offers when compared to others is that the operating system enables us to customize and set up functions.

Set up your Android using the values in its database

SetEdit is basically a settings database editor. This means that instead of viewing a graphic and visual interface like the one we see in the settings menu or through a launcher, we will view tables that bring together different device settings values so that we can establish them manually. We are talking about all the settings related to the device and that can go from volume control parameters for specific situations to memory assignment for carrying out certain processes.

The app also enables us to create new settings, which means we will be able to create customized configurations. However, this tool requires a certain amount of knowledge regarding Android functions, so if you intend to modify a setting without really knowing what you are doing, we recommend you don't, as you could really mess up the system.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 3.0.
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Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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