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The SIM Card application for Android devices allows us to gain direct access to all the information we may require about the SIM cards of or smartphone


Check all the information about your SIM

February 21, 2018
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We don't usually worry about the data of our SIM cards or the ID numbers of our Android devices, such as our IMEI, for instance. That's until we need them and then it's too late.

If we lose our smartphone or have it stolen, for instance, those are the data that our company needs to know to be able to block our SIM and disable our phone to prevent the thief from using it or accessing our confidential information and photos if he manages to unlock the handset. Furthermore, if we report the theft to the police, this data also has to be added to our statement so that our phone is returned to us if recovered.

View all the information about your card and your phone on a single screen.

The SIM Card app allows us to access all this information from the same interface without having to explore all the phone's Settings. Thus, if you keep a screenshot of the app in a safe place (on another device or online storage system), with that information, you'll be able to solve any problem if you were ever to run into such an unfortunate situation.

The information included in the tool

This app includes all the information that we could possibly need to know about our phone, SIM or carrier network:

  • SIM status.
  • SIM series number and country of origin.
  • Code and name of the SIM's carrier.
  • IMEI and ESN numbers of the device.
  • Type of network signal received.
  • Voice and data roaming.

Furthermore, this tool is also compatible with DUAL Sim phones, including the information about both cards used by the same device.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1
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