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4.7.8 Barcode Scanner is a really fast and easy-to-use barcode reader for Android devices that provides us with instant information about any scanned product
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The barcodes of the products that we usually find in stores, for instance, contain plenty of interesting information about their features and making. Reading them can help us to make a correct decision about what we want to purchase, such as data about the manufacturer or the price of the product.

A simple and fast barcode reader for Android

The Barcode Scanner app turns our smartphone into a very speedy and functional barcode reader. We just have to run the application and focus the rear camera towards any code. The app will quickly recognize it and offer us information about the product, as well as the possibility to make online searches.

Quickly obtain information about any product by means of a simple scan.

These are the functions and features that you'll be able to get hold of by downloading the APK to your phone:

  • Scan barcodes as well as QR Codes and Data Matrix.
  • Obtain URL addresses, contact information about the manufacturer, place of origin...
  • Share your scans with other contacts.
  • Search on the Internet and expand the information about the codes you've scanned.

Amongst other advantages of this application, we have to point out its speed: just open the app and aim with your camera to be able to read the barcode and receive all its information in a matter of seconds. In turn, the simplicity and clarity of its interface also help to make it fast to use and without any kind of complication for the user.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
ZXing Team
Over a year ago
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