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If you are looking for a barcode and QR reader application for Android devices, QR & Barcode Reader offers a convenient option with a clean interface

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Although they are not so popular nowadays, QR codes were a real revolution a few years ago. However, when you need to scan QR codes, which application do you use? If you need to install a tool for reading these codes, QR & Barcode Reader fulfills this and other functions, as it also reads barcodes.

Scan any QR or barcode for additional information.

What can I use this barcode and QR code reader for?

In addition to reading the most common barcode formats, this app can also open links, add events to our calendar, connect to Wi-Fi networks, share contacts, read vCards and even look for additional information on any product. If it's a barcode, we will obtain data about the article and direct links to buy it.

All you need to do is point the camera on your Android device at a barcode or upload a photo you have previously taken. The camera also includes zoom and lighting functions to make it easier for you to take photos.

Create your own barcodes

Finally, with this app, we can also create our own QR codes. They are easy to generate, and can conveniently share information, such as direct links to web pages, texts or contacts.

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