The best QR, barcode and NFC readers for Android

Scan and read any QR, barcode or NFC tag straight on your Android and access all the information contained from your phone. With these code scanner apps, simply aim your camera at the tag and let the applications read and decipher the code for you

QR Code Reader 3.6.2 English

Android App for reading QR and barcodes

NFC Reader 4.0 English

Read NFC tags with your Android device

QR Scanner 1.5.7 English
QR Scanner 1.5.7

Scan and create QR codes

Barcode Scanner 4.7.8 English

An efficient barcode reader

NFC Tools 8.9 English

Manage the NFC technology on your Android device

QR Droid 7.0.6 English
QR Droid 7.0.6

Scan, decode, generate, and share QR codes

Free QR Code Scanner 2.4.9 English

Simple and fast QR code reader

Fast QR 1.0.3 English
Fast QR 1.0.3

A tool to easily read and generate QR codes

iQR Pro 1.7.1 English
iQR Pro 1.7.1

A simplified QR and bar code reader

QR & Barcode Reader 2.9.3-L English

Simple QR and barcode reader

QR Master 1.0.13 English
QR Master 1.0.13

Read and create QR codes

Scanero 1.0.172 English
Scanero 1.0.172

A simple QR code reader

Pass2Pay 4.2.1 English
Pass2Pay 4.2.1

Get perfectly sorted tickets, passes, certificates, and cards

Green Pass 1.5.9 English
Green Pass 1.5.9

Manage and use all your digital certificates

ONE Wallet 1.9.9 English
ONE Wallet 1.9.9

Card and passbook documents reader and manager

Pass2U Wallet 2.14.2 English

Manage and create tickets in passbook format

PassAndroid 3.5.6 English

Digital wallet for tickets in passbook format

Pasbuk 1.3.1 English
Pasbuk 1.3.1

Manage your tickets in passbook format

WalletPasses 1.2.3 English

Save tickets on your mobile

QR Code RW 2.4 English

Practical, sober and functional QR code reader

ScanLife 9.1.3 English
ScanLife 9.1.3

Scan barcodes for information

QRbot 2.8.0 English
QRbot 2.8.0

Scan and create your own QR codes

NeoReader QR 4.14.02 English
NeoReader QR 4.14.02

High-performance QR code reader

PassWallet 2.01.26 English
PassWallet 2.01.26

Manage your tickets for events or trains and planes

BIDI 9.1.0 English
BIDI 9.1.0

Barcode and QR reader