Lock Screens for Android

These lock screen applications allow you to configure your Android's lock screen and incorporate all sorts of shortcuts, screensavers or lock patterns

Samsung Good Lock English

The application for customizing your Samsung interface and lock screen

GO Locker 6.06 English
GO Locker 6.06

Change the lock screen of your Android

Slidejoy 5.4.5 English
Slidejoy 5.4.5

Earn money by locking your Android

AmongLock 2.2.2 English
AmongLock 2.2.2

A lock screen with Among Us!

CM Locker 4.9.6 English
CM Locker 4.9.6

Lock your Android's screen and locate it in the case of theft or loss

LokLok 0.81 English
LokLok 0.81

Turn your lock screen into a social space

Locker Master 2.25 English

Customize your lock screen

WidgetLocker 2.4.3 English

The most complete lock screen app

Fireflies Lockscreen 68 English

Screensaver for Android lock screen

Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 14 1.5.0 English

Customize your Android with an iOS 14 look

Screen Lock 4.3 English

A third party lock screen

Holo Locker 1.2.0 English

Lock screen app based on Jelly Bean's lock screen

Omni Cleaner 1.0.8 English

Simple and powerful cleaner for Android devices

Screen Off 1.09 English

A touch button for turning off your Android screen

Screen Lock: Time Password 1.3.6 English

Block access to your mobile or to applications and files

PIP Lock Screen 2.0.3 English

The most customizable lock screen

Next Lock Screen 3.11.5 English

Microsoft's lock screen for Android

Door Lock Screen 2.0.7 English

Turn your lock screen into a stylish door

Quick Launch 2.1.3 English

One of the best lock screens

MiLocker 2.1.0 English
MiLocker 2.1.0

MIUI-style lock screen

SlideLock 2.5 English

Receive notifications on your lock screen

Cover 0.1.13 English
Cover 0.1.13

Automatic configuration of lock screens

Always On AMOLED 1.7.1549 English

Keep the screen always on thanks to AMOLED technology

Fronto 2.12.4 English
Fronto 2.12.4

Earn money each time you unlock your smartphone's screen

Start English

Quick access from your lock screen