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2.4.3 WidgetLocker is an app that replaces the lock screen and allows the user to customize it. Get hold of a lock screen that suits your needs with WidgetLocker
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WidgetLocker is probably the most complete lock screen app around that provides the user with the highest level of customization, to such an extent that we can create our own designs. If you're not too happy with your Android's lock screen, download WidgetLocker and create one to your own liking with the widgets you need and the design you like the most.

Customize your lock screen to the maximum extent.

Apply full customization to your phone

WidgetLocker offers us almost endless possibilities. Some of its most important functions are:

  • Allows us to add and place widgets, sliders and shortcuts wherever we want.
  • You can change between a wide range of themes or create your own.
  • Lets you customize the actions of sliders.
  • Allows you to change the grid dimensions and modify the size of the widgets.

You can now place on the lock screen everything you need, however you like, thanks to WidgetLocker.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
TeslaCoil Software
Over a year ago
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