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Aptoide is the best alternative to Google Play, an Android app store where you'll be able to find millions of apps and games completely free of charge

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How to upload applications and games to Aptoide

To be able to upload applications and games to Aptoide, we need to have created a store and installed Aptoide Uploader. These are the steps to be followed to get there:

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How to fix the no connection error in Aptoide

The No Connection error message in Aptoide can be fixed as follows although in the first place, we highly recommend you to check that both your data network connection and WiFi are working in perfect conditions:

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How to fix Aptoide if it can't download apps

When using Aptoide, we may come across the problem that it doesn’t let us download apps. Sometimes, it shows us a No Connection error message when we are connected. Once we’ve checked that both our data network and WiFi connection are working correctly, we can carry out the following steps to try to fix the problem:

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