Clocks and Alarms for Android

Among our selection of clocks and alarms for Android you'll find stopwatches, alarm clocks to wake up in time and the best way to see what time it is

GO Clock English
GO Clock

Custom clock with different alarms and loads of options

Google Clock 7.6 (566900781) English
Google Clock 7.6 (566900781)

The time Google shows on Android

Alarmy 5.82.00 English
Alarmy 5.82.00

The infallible alarm clock

Zen Flip Clock 2.5.18_20231018 English
Zen Flip Clock 2.5.18_20231018

Beautiful minimalist watch for smartphones

Sleep as Android 20231017 English

The Android alarm clock to control your hours of sleep

Google Pixel Watch English
Google Pixel Watch

Configure your smartwatch settings with your smartphone

DIGI Clock Widget 3.3.2 English

Time and date with an elegant design

Alarm Clock Xtreme 7.1.1 English

Turn your Android into a useful alarm clock

BZ Reminder 3.2.5 English

Reminders and to-do lists to make sure you don't forget a thing

Productivity Challenge Timer 1.11.4 English

A timer that helps you to be more productive

My Talking Alarm Clock 1.0.7 English

A new way of waking up every morning

My Alarm Clock 2.83.0 English

Wake up to your favorite music

Facer 6.0.4_106621 English
Facer 6.0.4_106621

Enhanced customization possibilities for your smartwatch

Timely 1.3.2 English
Timely 1.3.2

The best alarm clock for Android

My Good Morning 4.9 English

Wake up in a good mood

StopWatch & Timer 1.50 English

The most complete stopwatch for Android