The best launchers for Android

Thanks to this collection of launchers you’ll be able to make the most of all your phone’s customization options. Modify the aspect of your Android, change the way you access your apps and create all sorts of shortcuts to different functions

Apex Launcher 4.9.36 English

One of the most powerful launchers

Nova Launcher 8.0.18 English

Customize your Android with one of the best application launchers

AAAD 1.4.4 English
AAAD 1.4.4

Install unofficial applications for Android Auto

Nothing Launcher 2.5.12 English

Nothing Phone launcher

Cider 4.0.1 English
Cider 4.0.1

Transform your Android into iOS

XOS Launcher 13.9.27 English
XOS Launcher 13.9.27

Nice customizable launcher for Android

Samsung One UI Home English

The Samsung launcher for Galaxy devices

Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5 English
Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5

Mozilla's official launcher that emulates Firefox OS

CM Launcher 5.99.0 English
CM Launcher 5.99.0

The best Android launcher according to thousands of users

Launcher iOS 17 8.1.3 English

Android launcher with iOS design

Apex Launcher 4.9.36 English

Customize your Android with classic version of Apex Launcher

POCO Launcher 2.0 English
POCO Launcher 2.0

The launcher designed by Xiaomi

iLauncher 4.1.0 English
iLauncher 4.1.0

Give your Android the aspect of an iPhone

Nova Google Companion 1.1 English

Enable Google Now in Nova Launcher

GO Launcher EX 7.31 English

Completely customize your Android device

Espier Launcher 3.6.2 English

Imitate the aspect of an iPhone

Yandex Launcher 2.4.0 English

Russian application launcher with lots of options

C Launcher 3.11.66 English
C Launcher 3.11.66

Make your Android look great with this launcher

APUS Launcher 3.13.0 English

Customize your Android with this app launcher

Nokia 1280 Launcher 3.4 English

Turn your Android into a retro Nokia

Sidebar Launcher 3.4.3 English

App launcher displayed from the side of the screen

ME Launcher 2.0.2 English

Customize your Android with this launcher's themes and wallpapers

S Launcher 4.4 English

The Samsung Galaxy S7 launcher

KK Launcher 7.2 English

Take Android's customization to the max

Solo Launcher English
Solo Launcher

The launcher that improves your smartphone's performance

Evie Launcher 2.14.8-12 English
Evie Launcher 2.14.8-12

A launcher with an eye-catching design

Launcher 8 3.5.9 English
Launcher 8 3.5.9

Convert Android into Windows Phone

Holo Launcher 3.1.2 English

Launcher for customizing the look of your Android

Square Home 2.3.10 English
Square Home 2.3.10

A layout launcher based on Windows 10

Hola Launcher 3.2.5 English

Optimize your Android and customize it to your taste with one of the best launchers

Zero Launcher 3.75 English

Small, fast and attractive launcher for Android

Simple Launcher English
Simple Launcher

Simplified app launcher with large icons

ZenUI Launcher English
ZenUI Launcher

The application launcher developed by ASUS

Niagara Launcher 1.9.9 English

A minimalistic and well-designed launcher

Microsoft Launcher 6.230601.0.1107840 English
Microsoft Launcher 6.230601.0.1107840

A great alternative to other launchers

Blur 2.2.1 English
Blur 2.2.1

Transform your Android's home screen

V Launcher 1.2.27 English
V Launcher 1.2.27

Personalize your Android with this launcher

Bling Launcher 1.4.1 English

App launcher with custom themes and wallpapers

Action Launcher 50.7 English

A launcher to enhance Material Design

Max Launcher 2.0 English

A launcher that emulates Android Marshmallow

ADW Launcher English
ADW Launcher

Customize your Android desktop

LINE Launcher 2.4.38 English

The LINE app launcher

Turbo Launcher 0.0.92 English

A fast, light, and efficient app launcher

Floating Toucher 3.1.1 English

An discreet and configurable application launcher

Color Flash Launcher 1.2.8 English

Customize your incoming call screen

Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher 6.17 English

Enjoy the interface of Google's Pixel 2

Olalauncher 3.6.6 English

Launcher with minimalist design to avoid distractions

SAO Launcher 4.0.3 English

Manage your Android with a launcher that you can open from anywhere

Mint Launcher English
Mint Launcher

The launcher designed by Xiaomi

Smart Launcher 6 6.4 build 006 English
Smart Launcher 6 6.4 build 006

Launcher to make your Android more efficient

Wiser 1.5.63 English
Wiser 1.5.63

Make your Android more simple

Google Now Launcher 1.4.large English

Access search functions from your home screen

Gravity Launcher VS 4.0 English

A new design for the Android start menu

Z Launcher 1.3.8 English
Z Launcher 1.3.8

Nokia's easy-to-use application launcher

Total Launcher 2.10.7 English

A fully customizable launcher for Android

Ratio 6.2.10 English
Ratio 6.2.10

A launcher that helps you avoid distractions

Simple Mode English
Simple Mode

Simple app launcher with large icons and shortcuts

Ruthless Pixel Launcher 3.1 English

Customize your Android with the Pixel look

IN Launcher 1.3.8 English

Customize your home screen according to your style

Hyperion Launcher 117 English

A launcher for Android featuring customizable designs

Aris 7.0.4 English
Aris 7.0.4

Control your Android via command line

APUS Notification 3.4.5 English

Notifier for missed calls, messages and emails

JoyHome 1.40.0 English
JoyHome 1.40.0

A launcher for Android with additional functions

Email Home 2.11.90 English
Email Home 2.11.90

A launcher for always having your email to hand

BIG Launcher 4.0.1 English

Android launcher to help the visually impaired

Joy Launcher English
Joy Launcher

Customize your Android with this application launcher

Lawnchair Launcher English
Lawnchair Launcher

Pixel Launcher for all Android devices