The best tools to compress and unpack files on Android

Manage compressed files or archive your own ones straight on Android. You can extract or unpack from the most popular formats such as ZIP or RAR or pack or zip files so that they take up less space

WinZip 6.1.1 English
WinZip 6.1.1

App to open RAR and ZIP files in Android

ZArchiver English

One of the best compressors for Android

Lit Photo Compress & Resize English

Reduce the size of your photos so they take less space on your Android

RAR 6.02.build98 English
RAR 6.02.build98

Compress and extract files on your Android

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip 4.1 English

Extract your compressed files with ease

B1 Archiver 1.0.0132 English
B1 Archiver 1.0.0132

Tool to compress and decompress files on your Android

iZip 9.1 English
iZip 9.1

Compress and decompress files on Android

7Zipper 2.9.30 English
7Zipper 2.9.30

Manage your files easily

AndroZip File Manager 4.7.4 English

Compress, decompress and manage your files and folders

Video Compressor 1.2.10 English

Compress your videos and photos without complicating your life

ALZip English

Compress and decompress files on your Android

XZip 0.2.9182 English
XZip 0.2.9182

Unzip files on your Android