Benchmark Applications for Android

These benchmark applications offer us all sorts of information about the components of our smartphone or tablet, as well as about its performance

Geekbench 4.3.3 English
Geekbench 4 4.2.0

Test the efficiency of your Android

Secret Codes for Android 2.0 English

All Android's secret codes

Test DPC 5.0.4 English
Test DPC 5.0.4

Test your application

Phone Doctor Plus 1.4.10 English

Hardware analysis and diagnosis tools

Vellamo 3.2.6 English
Vellamo 3.2.6

Carry out benchmark tests on your Android

CPU-Z 1.29 English
CPU-Z 1.29

All the information about your Android device

Elixir 2 2.43.5 English
Elixir 2 2.43.5

Check the most complete information about your Android

CPU X 2.9.3 English
CPU X 2.9.3

Analyze and optimize your phone

PCMark 2.0.3716 English
PCMark 2.0.3716

Measure your Android's performance

AnTuTu Benchmark 7.2.9 English

Carry out benchmark tests on your Android

Aura Body 1.5.3 English
Aura Body 1.5.3

Get information about the components of your Android

3DMark 2.0.4580 English
3DMark 2.0.4580

Verify the power of your Android

NAVIGON System Check 1.0 English

Access all the information about your phone