Cleaners and Optimizers for Android

Improve your phone's performance and functioning thanks to these applications to clean and optimize Android. Delete junk files and browsing data

Clean Master 7.4.9 English

Cleaner, optimizer and antivirus all in one

GLTools 4.01 English
GLTools 4.01

Optimze the graphical performance of your GPU

Swapper & Tools 3.0.15 English

Get full Android control with these tools

L Speed 2.0.9 English
L Speed 2.0.9

Save battery on your device whilst you're playing

Super FPS Booster 1.0 English

Improve the performance of your Android and your games

Booster Master 1.3.2 English

Exploit the maximum potential of your Android

One Booster English
One Booster

Optimize your Android's performance

Root App Delete 7.3.0 English

Efficient application uninstaller for Android

Package Disabler 5.1 English

Disable bloatware on your Samsung phone

Remove China Apps 1.1 English

The application uninstaller with xenophobic stink

Fliktu 1.2.4 English
Fliktu 1.2.4

Pin applications to your Android's Share menu

KeepClean 2.4.8 English
KeepClean 2.4.8

Clean up residual files on your Android

MAX Cleaner 1.7.2 English

Clean your Android and improve its performance

Nox Cleaner 3.1.3 English

Speed up and improve the performance of your Android

Clean Guard 1.0.32 English
Clean Guard 1.0.32

Clean your Android and improve its performance

Light Cleaner 1.37 English

Boost the performance of your Android to the max

Chainfire3D 3.3 English

A controller for your phone's GPU

Device Control Root English
Device Control Root

Control all the paramters of your Android

Ares Wizard 0.0.69 English
Ares Wizard 0.0.69

Kodi Add-on that fixes media center errors

Super Speed Cleaner 1.6.8 English

Clean and optimize your Android

Mobileuncle MTK Tools 3.3.0 (02.02.2016) English
Mobileuncle MTK Tools 3.3.0 (02.02.2016)

Toolbox for MTK smartphones

KillApps 1.22.1 English
KillApps 1.22.1

Close all your running applications at once

NoBloat 1.5.1 English
NoBloat 1.5.1

Remove the apps pre-installed on your Android

Fast RAM Cleaner 32.0 English

App for optimizing phone perfomance

Solo Cleaner 1.041 English

Clean up accumulated junk on your Android memory

BusyBox 64 English

Extra commands and utilities for Android

Clean Master Lite 3.1.6 English

The lightest version of the popular optimizer

Assistant for Android 23.45 English

Pack of tools to improve the management of Android

Samsung Device Care English

The Samsung app for taking care of Samsung devices

App Inspector 1.29 English

All the information about your installed apps

Smart RAM Booster 7.6 English

Clean the RAM with just one click

Chinese App Detector 1.1.1 English

How many Chinese apps do you have installed on your Android?

Kernel Adiutor English
Kernel Adiutor

App to manage your Android's kernel

Clean Sweep 4.0.9 English

Remove all the junk files from your phone

Quick Boot 4.8 English

Access the Android boot options with a simple screen tap

Samsung Device Maintenance English

Take care of maintaining your Galaxy

APUS Security 1.5.3 English

Improve the performance of your phone with this app to optimize Android

iClean 1.8.9 English
iClean 1.8.9

Optimizes the performance of Android

CCleaner 5.7.0 English
CCleaner 5.7.0

Android version of the most famous cleaner

3C System Tuner 3.20.8 English

A complete pack of system management tools