Cleaners and Optimizers for Android

Improve your phone's performance and functioning thanks to these applications to clean and optimize Android. Delete junk files and browsing data

Clean Master 7.5.3 English

Cleaner, optimizer and antivirus in one

Glary Utilities English
Glary Utilities

Optimization app for Android

CCleaner 6.8.0 English
CCleaner 6.8.0

Android version of the most famous cleaner

Booster Master 1.3.4 English

Exploit the maximum potential of your Android

One Booster English
One Booster

Optimize your Android's performance

Avast Cleanup 6.8.0 English

Clean your smartphone and optimize how it works

GLTools 4.01 English
GLTools 4.01

Optimze the graphical performance of your GPU

Nova Cleaner 2.6.9 English

Optimizes the performance of Android

SD Maid 5.5.9 English
SD Maid 5.5.9

An app to thoroughly clean your phone

Swapper & Tools 3.0.15 English

Get full Android control with these tools

Greenify 4.7.5 English
Greenify 4.7.5

Improve the performance of your Android

Accelerometer Calibration 7.1 English

Adjust your Android's accelerometer

Package Disabler 11.0 English

Uninstall pre-installed apps

Mobileuncle MTK Tools 3.3.0 (02.02.2016) English
Mobileuncle MTK Tools 3.3.0 (02.02.2016)

Toolbox for MTK smartphones

NoBloat 1.5.1 English
NoBloat 1.5.1

Remove bloatware from your Android

Root App Delete 7.3.0 English

Powerful manager of system applications

L Speed 2.0.9 English
L Speed 2.0.9

Save battery on your device whilst you're playing

GearUP English

A feature-packed accelerator for mobile games

Ares Wizard 0.0.69 English
Ares Wizard 0.0.69

Kodi Add-on that fixes media center errors

ES Disk Analyzer English

Analyze the storage of your Android and delete useless files

Super FPS Booster 1.0 English

Improve the performance of your Android and your games

Fast Task Killer 3.1.0 English

Free up memory on your Android in a matter of seconds

Kernel Adiutor English
Kernel Adiutor

App to manage your Android's kernel

Device Control Root English
Device Control Root

Control all the paramters of your Android

Clean Master Lite 3.1.6 English

The lightest version of the popular optimizer

SuperFreezZ 0.16.1 English
SuperFreezZ 0.16.1

Completely stop apps running in the background

BusyBox 64 English

Extra commands and utilities for Android

DU Speed Booster 1.1.68 English

Optimize your smartphone's performance

Boostme 45 English

Tools to manage your Android phone

Speaker Cleaner 2.3 English

Get rid of water in your speakers

Bugjaeger 4.2.2 English
Bugjaeger 4.2.2

Multitool for advanced Android users

Device Info 3.2.4 English

Analyze your Android data

Remove China Apps 1.1 English

The application uninstaller with xenophobic stink

Star Cleaner & Booster 2.3.8 English

Optimize your Android with one tap

Ultra Junk Cleaner 1.0.2 English

Simple, sleek cleaner for Android devices

Swift Booster 1.29 English

Instantly clean and optimize your Android

CPU Cooler 1.7.3 English
CPU Cooler 1.7.3

Exploit the full potential of your Android device

Quick Boot 4.8 English

Access the Android boot options with a simple screen tap

Chainfire3D 3.3 English

A controller for your phone's GPU

Assistant for Android 24.17 English

Pack of tools to improve the management of Android

UU Game Booster English
UU Game Booster

Enhancer to improve mobile games fluency

Optimizer Pro 3.0.5 English

Stretch out the life of your Android

Clean Master Ultra 1.2.5 English

Optimize and improve Android performance

DO Cleaner English
DO Cleaner

Clean up and keep your Anroid device in shape

Auto RAM Cleaner 1.9.8 English

Clean up the RAM on your Android device

Dr. Booster 2.0.1077 English
Dr. Booster 2.0.1077

Optimize your smartphone for a better playing experience

MAX Cleaner 1.7.2 English

Clean your Android and improve its performance

Super Speed Cleaner 1.6.8 English

Clean and optimize your Android

App Inspector 1.29 English

All the information about your installed apps

Android Booster English
Android Booster

Improve the performance of your Android

Ace Cleaner 1.9.1 English

Squeeze the most out of your mobile power

AMC Cleaner 2.0.1 English

Get your Android working better and faster

All-In-One Toolbox 8.2.5 English

Manage and clean your phone from the same app

DU Cleaner English
DU Cleaner

Improve the performance on your Android

Droid Optimizer 4.2.1 English

Optimize how your Android phone works

Smart Boost 1.1.0 English

A sober cleaner with added features for Android

ARK Cleaner 1.1.2 English

Cleaning and optimization tool for Android devices

Security Master 78 English

One-click Android optimization

Nox Booster 1.7.7 English

Andoid cleaner with several additional handy tools

Junk Smasher 2022 3.99 English

Get the most out of your smartphone's performance

Light Cleaner 1.38 English

Boost the performance of your Android to the max

Chinese App Detector 1.1.1 English

How many Chinese apps do you have installed on your Android?

Huawei Smart diagnosis English

Technical assistance for your Huawei

Nox Cleaner 3.5.5 English

Speed up and improve the performance of your Android

APUS Security 1.6.0 English

Improve the performance of your phone with this app to optimize Android

Trash Manager - Clean Cache 1.2.6 English

Clean your junk files with this app

SuperB Cleaner 1.6.5 English

Application to optimize and improve your Android

Android Cleaner 2.2.2 English

Efficient tool to clean our phone

Smart RAM Booster 7.6 English

Clean the RAM with just one click

Storm Optimizer 1.0.24 English

A powerful Android device cleaner

Bravo Security English
Bravo Security

Everything you need to optimize your Android in a matter of seconds

Vaku Phone Booster 2.1.9 English

A complete cleaner for Android devices

Cool Cleaner 1.2.3 English

An all-in-one cleaner for Android

AppWatch 1.8.11 English
AppWatch 1.8.11

Detect apps that launch pop-up ads

Advanced Task Manager English

Save battery life by closing apps open in the background

CLEANit 1.9.62_ww English
CLEANit 1.9.62_ww

Optimize your Android device

Fancy Cleaner 6.0.7 English

Comprehensive cleaner for Android devices

Smart Security 182 English

Boost operating system functioning

Fancy Booster 2.3.5 English

Optimize the performance of your Android

1Tap Cleaner 4.10 English

Optimize your device's performance

RAM Cleanup 10.04 English

Clean up your Android's RAM without complicating your life

Safe Cleaner Plus 1.5.2 English

Improve the performance of your Android with this cleaning tool

Game Booster 4622r English

Improve the performance of your games

Buttons remapper 1.12.2 English

Change the functions of your phone's physical buttons

APUS Booster 2.6.37 English
APUS Booster 2.6.37

Clean and bring out the best of your Android handset

Clean Sweep 4.0.9 English

Remove all the junk files from your phone

Doctor Clean - Speed Booster 1.2.2 English

Remove junk files and extend your battery life

Trash Manager - Clean Cache 1.2.6 English

Speed up your Android and improve its performance

Cooler Master 1.4.5 English

Cool down your phone's CPU

SetCPU 2.0.5 English
SetCPU 2.0.5

Configure the functions of your rooted Android

Bang Cleaner 4.0.4 English

A complete cleaning and optimization tool for Android

Dwen Security 1.3.0 English

Cleaner for Android devices with additional features

Storm Cleaner 1.0.19 English

Cleaner for Android devices with additional tools

Nox Files 0.2.3 English
Nox Files 0.2.3

Cleaner and booster for Android devices

Easy Boost 1.0.9 English
Easy Boost 1.0.9

Improve the performance of your Android

MobiClean 1.11 English
MobiClean 1.11

A simple and lightweight cleaner for Android

Zen Booster 3.4.1 English

Exploit the full potential of your cell phone

Poly Clean 1.1.5 English
Poly Clean 1.1.5

Complete cleaner for Android devices

Bravo Cleaner English
Bravo Cleaner

Android device cleaner and booster

Clean Keeper 1.0.55 English
Clean Keeper 1.0.55

Tools for cleaning your Android device

GG Cleaner 1.7.0 English
GG Cleaner 1.7.0

Clear all the junk off your Android

Smart Clean 1.3.3 English

Cleaner, VPN, and more for your Android

Cooling Master 1.2.06 English

Cool down your mobile with a tap

Norton Clean English
Norton Clean

Clean and optimize your Android device

Solo Cleaner 1.056 English

Clean up accumulated junk on your Android memory

Bee Booster 1.4.0 English

Boost and improve Android performance

Total Cleaner Lite 10.9.1 English

Android Phone Cleaner

Clean Guard 1.19.6 English
Clean Guard 1.19.6

Clean your Android and improve its performance

Rocket Cleaner 1.0.31 English

Optimize and improve the perfomance of your Android

Clean RAM Memory 1.6.82 English

Get the most out of your Android

KillApps 1.24.2 English
KillApps 1.24.2

Close all your running applications at once

Sweep Master 1.0 English

Clean and cool down your smartphone

Samsung Device Care English

The Samsung app for taking care of Samsung devices

3C System Tuner 3.20.8 English

A complete pack of system management tools

Moto Help (Device Help) 6.5.4 English

All the help you need with your Motorola

Powerful Cleaner 3.1.9 English

Keep your Android device clean

GyroDroid 5.3 English

Test your Android's different sensors

Power Clean English
Power Clean

Power Cleaner for Android will make your phone work faster

Turbo Cleaner 2.1.8 English

App to improve the performance of your Android

AVG TuneUp 1.1.1 English
AVG TuneUp 1.1.1

All your phone's maintenance in a single application

WCleaner 2.3.2 English
WCleaner 2.3.2

The best way to manage files downloaded on WhatsApp

Advanced Task Killer 2.2.1B216 English

Instantly kill applications on your Android

Junk Master 1.0.6 English

All-in-one cleaner for your Android

Dwen Cleaner English
Dwen Cleaner

Cleaner and booster for Android devices

KeepBooster 1.1.5 English

Cleaner, enhancer, and antivirus for your Android

AIO Booster 1.0.7 English

Get the most out of your smartphone's potential

Alpha Booster 2.1.2 English

Optimize your Android with one tap

Bravo Booster English
Bravo Booster

Clean your cell phone up with a single click

AppDash 1.44 English
AppDash 1.44

Deep clean your Android

Cell Cleaner 1.0.31 English
Cell Cleaner 1.0.31

Optimize and improve the system of your Android device

Phone Cool Down 2.2.4 English

Cool your phone and extend battery life

One Touch Cleaner 1.0.3 English

Clean your Android memory with one touch

Mobile Expert 2.2 English

Improve the performance of your Android

Ultimate Cleaner 6.2.5 English

Optimize your cell-phone's performance

Super Cleaner 1.0.21 English

Keep your Android's memory clean as a whistle

Duplicates Cleaner 3.3.0 English

Easily remove duplicate files from your Android

LagTV FPS Optimizer 3.4 English

Maximise the potential of your Android

AVG Cleaner 6.1.1 English

The AVG app for optimizing Android performance

Fast RAM Cleaner 86.0 English

App for optimizing phone perfomance

KeepClean 5.6.2 English
KeepClean 5.6.2

Clean up residual files on your Android

Movup Clean 2.0.1 English

App to speed up and improve the performance of your Android

Yellow Booster English
Yellow Booster

Improve and optimize the performance of your smartphone

Boost+ 1.90.1106613 English
Boost+ 1.90.1106613

App for improving power consumption and cleaning files