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Removing junk files from your Android is child's play thanks to Trash Manager - Clean Cache. You can delete useless files and free some space on your phone

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We've all got junk and residual files on our phone that makes it slow down. Yes, you also, don't look the other way. And we're not talking about all those tasteless jokes you receive via WhatsApp from your mates. No, the junk files we're referring to today are those data generated when you use an app. Want to get rid of them and give your mobile device a longer and more useful life? Trash Manager - Clean Cache is what you need.

Trash Manager is tiny smarter junk file manager.

But how does it work?

There are loads of simple applications around but this one could be an award-winning tool in simplicity. Anyone can use it; as soon as you open the app it will start searching all by itself for the junk files that are sitting around on your phone, picking up dust and making it slow down. Once it has analyzed your device, you'll be offered a list with all the rubbish found, sorted by applications. By default, they are all selected but if you want to keep the data of a specific app just tap it to get it unselected. Then hit the clean button and you'll have your Android operating system sparkling clean.

Remove junk files, increase your memory, optimize your device, cool down your CPU, and save battery.

There are other apps of the same style that are much more complete, with an energy optimizer and hibernation functions for programs running in the background that consume resources. But if you're just looking for a tool to delete unnecessary files that take up too much space, Trash Manager - Clean Cache is definitely a great option.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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