Calculators for Android

Among our compilation of calculators for Android you'll be able to find tools to carry out all sorts of maths operations from your smartphone or tablet

Photomath 6.8.0 English
Photomath 6.8.0

Solve any maths operation with your Android's camera

Microsoft Math Solver 1.0.121 English

The Microsoft calculator for solving multiple mathematical operations

Currency Converter Plus AccuRate 2.2.5 English

A currency converter and a calculator in one

Mi Calculator 10.1.15 English
Mi Calculator 10.1.15

Xiaomi's calculator app

Calculator Pro 2.4.2 English

Carry out all sorts of calculations on your Android

Samsung Calculator English

Samsung's calculator for Android

Classic Calculator 1.51 English

The most famous calculator on your phone

Panecal Scientific Calculator 6.6.5 English

A complete scientific calculator on your phone

Calculator Plus 5.9.9 English

Turn your phone into an efficient calculator

CALCU 3.4.2 English
CALCU 3.4.2

A complete calculator for Android phones

ConvertPad 3.2.11 English
ConvertPad 3.2.11

A great tool to convert units