Productivity and Business Applications for Android

Find out how to make the most of all the time you spend working on your personal and professional projects with these productivity and business apps

Microsoft Word 16.0.17531.20088 English
Microsoft Word 16.0.17531.20088

The best text processor on Android

Paytm 10.41.4 English
Paytm 10.41.4

Complete app to pay bills, send money, buy tickets, or make hotel reservations

Microsoft Excel 16.0.17531.20088 English
Microsoft Excel 16.0.17531.20088

Excel for Android

Microsoft 365 (Office) 16.0.17628.20042 English
Microsoft 365 (Office) 16.0.17628.20042

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app

PayPal 8.61.1 English
PayPal 8.61.1

The safest and most popular online payment method

Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.17531.20088 English
Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.17531.20088

The best tool to create presentations

Amazon Alexa 2.2.566242.0 English
Amazon Alexa 2.2.566242.0

The app to configure devices with Alexa

Google Wallet 24.18.633340707 English
Google Wallet 24.18.633340707

Google's mobile wallet app

Mi Calculator 15.0.15 English
Mi Calculator 15.0.15

The calculator of Xiaomi

Google Calendar 2024.19.0-633032287 English
Google Calendar 2024.19.0-633032287

Google's calendar manager for Android

Google Assistant 0.1.601924805 English
Google Assistant 0.1.601924805

A shortcut to Google's assistant

iLovePDF 3.7.1 English
iLovePDF 3.7.1

One of the best tools to work with PDFs

Pi Network 1.37.0 English
Pi Network 1.37.0

The first digital currency you can withdraw on your phone

Google Home English
Google Home

Configure and control your Google devices

Trust 8.13.1 English
Trust 8.13.1

Cryptocurrency portfolio

Indeed 179.0 English
Indeed 179.0

A good app for job search

Bitcoin Wallet 10.14 English

A Bitcoin virtual wallet to store your BTC on Android

Percentage Calculator 3.1.10 English

Calculate percentages no sweat

Cortana English

The Microsoft voice assistant

Trello 2024.9.4.22280 English
Trello 2024.9.4.22280

Write down and remember your tasks and obligations in collaboration

Classic Calculator 1.51 English

The most famous calculators on your phone

Google Docs English
Google Docs

Google's online text editor

Samsung Calculator English

Samsung's calculator for Android

Randstad 3.0.29 English
Randstad 3.0.29

Official App of the famous employment portal

Google Sheets English
Google Sheets

Work with spreadsheets from Android

Google Slides English
Google Slides

Prepare presentations from your smartphone

Notion 0.6.2151 English
Notion 0.6.2151

Complete app for improving user productivity

Adobe Acrobat Reader English
Adobe Acrobat Reader

The ultimate PDF file reader

Google Keep English
Google Keep

Google's notes application

Jamboard 2024.04.28.628906135 English
Jamboard 2024.04.28.628906135

The Google collaborative whiteboard

Mindomo 9.2.6 English
Mindomo 5.9.7

Organize your ideas with the help of mind maps

Evernote 10.88.0 English
Evernote 10.88.0

Organize your ideas and notes

Robinhood 2024.15.4 English
Robinhood 2024.15.4

Invest in stocks, options, and funds

Microsoft Planner 1.18.9 English

Microsoft's task planner for Android

JobStreet 14.1.1 English
JobStreet 14.1.1

Find your dream job!

Asana 7.93.2 English
Asana 7.93.2

Organize team projects

Basecamp 4.8.4 English
Basecamp 4.8.4

Group work management platform

Revolut 10.27.1 English
Revolut 10.27.1

Fintech app free banking services for individuals

Skrill 3.133.0-2024041610 English
Skrill 3.133.0-2024041610

Fast and secure online transactions

Microsoft Math Solver 1.0.268 English

The Microsoft calculator for solving multiple mathematical operations

BitMart 3.1.7 English
BitMart 3.1.7

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly

Plus500 15.15.0 English
Plus500 15.15.0

Trade with your financial assets

Venmo 10.41.0 English
Venmo 10.41.0

The PayPal app for sending and receiving money

Job Today 2.79.1 English
Job Today 2.79.1

One of the best apps to find a job on Android

CV Maker 230714 English
CV Maker 230714

Resume editor for mobiles

Google Tasks 2024.04.22.626872581.0 English
Google Tasks 2024.04.22.626872581.0

Google's task manager

Todoist 11428 English
Todoist 11428

Organize your pending tasks

MinerGate 2.5.1 English
MinerGate 2.5.1

Manage your cryptocurrency mining operations

Alipay English

Chinese PayPal for Android

BitPay - Bitcoin 14.19.4 English

Manage your bitcoin portfolio

Bee Network 1.25.1 English
Bee Network 1.25.1

App for mining the Bee cryptocurrency

Ripio 6.1.4 English
Ripio 6.1.4

Your cryptocurrency wallet

TickTick English

Make all kinds of lists and organize your life and your telework

Microsoft To-Do 2.120.795.01 English
Microsoft To-Do 2.120.795.01

Microsoft's task manager and daily planner

Wunderlist 3.4.21 English
Wunderlist 3.4.21

An excellent task manager

World App 2.7.5302 English
World App 2.7.5302

Scan your eyes' irises to earn cryptocurrencies

ChatGPT 1.2024.131 English
ChatGPT 1.2024.131

The fascinating AI chatbot in mobile format

CashBean 2.5.2 English
CashBean 2.5.2

A simple app to ask for small credits

Poly.AI 1.7.8 English
Poly.AI 1.7.8

AI chatbots to talk to your favorite characters

PDF Reader 9.16.1391 English
PDF Reader 9.16.1391

The ultimate PDF reader for Android

Plug AI 1.1.6 English
Plug AI 1.1.6

An AI assistant that helps you flirt

Kingsoft Office 9.6 English

Functional office suite for free

mPokket 3.8.7 English
mPokket 3.8.7

Fast loans for students and young professionals

Google Gemini 1.0.626720042 English
Google Gemini 1.0.626720042

Google's official AI

DroidEdit 1.23.6 English
DroidEdit 1.23.6

Code editor for Android

Google Pay for Business 1.117.215 English

The Google Pay app designed for business

AI Fantasy 1.15.0 English
AI Fantasy 1.15.0

Chat and interact with hundreds of characters thanks to powerful AI

Nerd AI 2.10.0 English
Nerd AI 2.10.0

An AI assistant that helps you do your homework

All Document Reader 2.7.8 English

Read office documents including Office files, PDFs, and TXTs

Mode Earn App 1.233.0 English
Mode Earn App 1.233.0

Complete simple tasks to earn money with your smartphone

OKX 6.54.0 English
OKX 6.54.0

Exchange and wallet to invest in cryptocurrencies

Poe a2.30.4 English
Poe a2.30.4

AI chatbot created by Quora

Google Pay 227.1.1 English
Google Pay 227.1.1

Pay safely with GPay

Talkie: Soulful AI 1.19.000 English

Talk to AI chatbots with their own personality

Djezzy 2.6.7 English
Djezzy 2.6.7

All the phone company's services on your smartphone

IndOASIS 2.9.6 English
IndOASIS 2.9.6

The functions of the Indian bank in pocket format

Fibe Instant Personal Loan App 3.1.2 English

Get loans between 1,000 and 500,000 rupees

WPS Office 18.8.1 English
WPS Office 18.8.1

Create, open and edit office documents

Refer Earn 2.0 English

Recommend the app to others and earn money

MetaTrader 5 500.3650 English
MetaTrader 5 500.3650

Buy and sell stocks on your mobile device

Trading 212 7.7.0 English

The app to invest in stock markets

testerup 1.9.96 English
testerup 1.9.96

Earn money by testing and recommending things online

Linky 1.34.2 English
Linky 1.34.2

Chat with AI characters

Ask AI 2.0.1 English
Ask AI 2.0.1

Chatbot with AI technology

Samsung Wallet 15.4.01 English

A digital wallet to pay and carry virtual documents

Microsoft Copilot 28.3.42050701 English
Microsoft Copilot 28.3.42050701

Microsoft virtual assistant powered by AI

Kraken 2.17.0 English
Kraken 2.17.0

Platform for buying and selling crypto

Samsung Notes English
Samsung Notes

Samsung's notes application

Intelligent CV 7.7 English

Create a professional CV with your smartphone

Pi, your personal AI 1.2 English

An efficient AI that offers to be your personal assistant

Goodnotes English

A digital notepad for handwriting

Pocket Broker 1.219 English

Learn how to invest in the stock market and access the financial markets.

Airtel Thanks 4.86.1 English

The app for Airtel users

MEXC 4.6.2 English
MEXC 4.6.2

Official application of one of the world's leading exchanges for digital asset

Starlink 2024.04.1 English
Starlink 2024.04.1

The app for configuring your satellite internet service

Multimine 1.03 English
Multimine 1.03

Mine cryptocurrencies with your Android

PaySense 4.0.14 English
PaySense 4.0.14

Indian app for fast mini loans

Bixby Voice English
Bixby Voice

Voice functions for the Bixby assistant

Cici 3.8.0 English
Cici 3.8.0

An AI virtual assistant with several themed chatbots

Character AI 1.8.4 English

Chat with fantastic characters thanks to AI technology

pdfFiller 10.29.22192 English
pdfFiller 10.29.22192

Edit, sign and complete PDF files with your smartphone

Polaris Office 9.8.10 English

An interesting office suite

Docx Reader 3.0.4 English

Read Word documents comfortably on your Android

Google PDF Viewer 2.19.381.03.40 English
Google PDF Viewer 2.19.381.03.40

Google's PDF reader

Sendwave 5.12.0 English
Sendwave 5.12.0

Platform for fast transfers to anywhere in the world

PDF to Word Converter 3.0.50 English

Convert your PDF files to Word on Android

Docs To Go 4.004 English
Docs To Go 4.004

Open and edit Office files on your Android

Instawork 2.195.1 English
Instawork 2.195.1

Shift and gig work offers

ZipRecruiter 22.2.0 English
ZipRecruiter 22.2.0

A smart job portal in pocket format

PDFelement 4.7.8 English
PDFelement 4.7.8

Sign documents from your cell phone

Office Remote English
Office Remote

Remote control for your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel presentations

LibreOffice Viewer English

The official LibreOffice viewer

Vivid Money 3.4.1 English

A modern and alternative online bank

BLING 2.20.0 English
BLING 2.20.0

Get a loan instantly

freenet - The Free Internet 2.16.0 English

Get hold of free MB in India

Square 6.29 English
Square 6.29

Accept payments and carry out refunds with credit cards wherever you are

Navi 3.4.12 English
Navi 3.4.12

Request an instant loan with your cell phone

Couple Widget 1.000.86 English
Couple Widget 1.000.86

The app that reminds you of the most important dates for a couple

PayPal Business 8.57.2 English

Manage payments through PayPal in your business

ClipKey 1.3.2 English
ClipKey 1.3.2

Comfortable clipboard manager for Android

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor 8.10.0 English

Two-in-one PDF reader and editor

McMoney 3.11.0 English
McMoney 3.11.0

Earn money for receiving SMS messages

Yandex.Money 5.41.0 English
Yandex.Money 5.41.0

Pay online with this app

Plants vs. Zombies Watch Face 1.0.5 English

A zombie on your wrist

Me+ Daily Routine Planner 1.3.7 English

Healthy and self-care routines

Mi Calendar English
Mi Calendar

This is the Xiaomi calendar

Office Reader & Editor 300321 English

Viewer and converter of office documents

Camera Math 1.4.9 English

Solve math problems instantly

Bondex Origin 5.6.7 English

Employment website with integrated cryptocurrency mining service

Atomic Wallet 1.26.4 English

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your smartphone

anWriter English

A simple and complete HTML editor

SmartOffice 3.13.10 English
SmartOffice 3.13.10

Office suite to create and edit documents

CoPay - Bitcoin 5.3.1 English

Manage all your bitcoins

Scoompa Video 29.4 English

Create videos based on other videos, photos, and animations

OneNote 16.0.16731.20166 English
OneNote 16.0.16731.20166

App to create Microsoft notes in its version for Android

AndrOpen Office 5.3.8 English

Office suite based on OpenOffice

Vivy AI 1.7.7 English
Vivy AI 1.7.7

AI chatbot to talk to virtual girlfriends

Perplexity 2.9.0 English
Perplexity 2.9.0

An AI to answer any question

Chat AI 1.6.5 English
Chat AI 1.6.5

AI assistant you can use to converse, ask questions, and write texts

Forex Royale 0.6.43 English
Forex Royale 0.6.43

Learn to invest with this game

Wizely 4.0.57-release-457 English
Wizely 4.0.57-release-457

The app that helps you to save money and manage your finances

Flyer Maker 70.0 English

Design your own brochures with your smartphone

AstroPay 3.3 English

Online payment method for mobiles

ABCash 1.4.2 English
ABCash 1.4.2

Indian application for quick credit

Wise 8.56.1 English
Wise 8.56.1

Send money internationally from your phone

Google Voice Access 6.1.530397167 English
Google Voice Access 6.1.530397167

Control your Android by voice commands

Yandex Start 22.110 English
Yandex Start 22.110

Find whatever you need on the Internet faster with Yandex's virtual assistant for Android devices

FreeMyApps 2.13.4 English
FreeMyApps 2.13.4

Earn money trying out free applications

Calculator Plus 6.9.1 English

Turn your phone into a powerful calculator

VoiceGPT 1.2 English

Make ChatGPT your default voice assistant