Productivity and Business Applications for Android

Find out how to make the most of all the time you spend working on your personal and professional projects with these productivity and business apps

TradingView English

An application for stock market investors

Paytm 10.19.0 English
Paytm 10.19.0

Make payments, send money or receive income

Microsoft Word 16.0.15831.20186 English
Microsoft Word 16.0.15831.20186

The best text processor on Android

Microsoft Office 16.0.15831.20162 English
Microsoft Office 16.0.15831.20162

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app

PayPal 8.30.1 English
PayPal 8.30.1

The safest and most popular online payment method 3.150.0 English 3.150.0

Buy cryptocurrencies on your smartphone

Microsoft Excel 16.0.15831.20186 English
Microsoft Excel 16.0.15831.20186

Excel for Android

Trust 6.57.1 English
Trust 6.57.1

Cryptocurrency portfolio

Google Home English
Google Home

Configure and control your Google devices

Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.15831.20186 English
Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.15831.20186

The best tool to create presentations

Pi Network 1.34.0 English
Pi Network 1.34.0

The first digital currency you can withdraw on your phone

Robinhood 2022.44.0 English
Robinhood 2022.44.0

Invest in stocks, options, and funds

Mi Calculator 13.0.6 English

The calculator of Xiaomi

Indeed 134.0 English
Indeed 134.0

A good app for job search

Trello 2022.14.4.2223 English
Trello 2022.14.4.2223

Write down and remember your tasks and obligations in collaboration

Notion 0.6.866 English
Notion 0.6.866

Complete app for improving user productivity

Google Docs 1.22.462.02.90 English
Google Docs 1.22.462.02.90

Google's online text editor

Bitcoin Wallet 9.26 English

A Bitcoin virtual wallet to store your BTC on Android

Google Assistant 0.1.474378801 English
Google Assistant 0.1.474378801

A shortcut to Google's assistant

Samsung Calculator English

Samsung's calculator for Android

Google Wallet 2.163.485164435 English
Google Wallet 2.163.485164435

Google's mobile wallet app

Amazon Alexa 2.2.488380.0 English
Amazon Alexa 2.2.488380.0

The app to configure devices with Alexa

Asana 7.26.14 English
Asana 7.26.14

Organize team projects

iLovePDF 3.2.2 English
iLovePDF 3.2.2

One of the best tools to work with PDFs

Microsoft Planner 1.16.28 English

Microsoft's task planner for Android

Google Sheets 1.22.462.00.90 English
Google Sheets 1.22.462.00.90

Work with spreadsheets from Android

Google Calendar 2022.46.1-490693035 English
Google Calendar 2022.46.1-490693035

Google's calendar manager for Android

JobStreet 5.12.0 English
JobStreet 5.12.0

Find your dream job!

Percentage Calculator 3.1.10 English

Calculate percentages no sweat

Jamboard 2022.11.13.488226267 English
Jamboard 2022.11.13.488226267

The Google collaborative whiteboard

Basecamp 4.0.3 English
Basecamp 4.0.3

Group work management platform

Randstad 3.0.26 English
Randstad 3.0.26

Official App of the famous employment portal

Cortana English

The Microsoft voice assistant

Classic Calculator 1.51 English

The most famous calculators on your phone

Google Slides 1.22.462.01.90 English
Google Slides 1.22.462.01.90

Prepare presentations from your smartphone

Google Keep 5.22.452.00.90 English
Google Keep 5.22.452.00.90

Google's notes application

Skrill 3.98.1-2022111514 English
Skrill 3.98.1-2022111514

Fast and secure online transactions

Revolut 8.81 English
Revolut 8.81

Free banking services app for individuals

Adobe Acrobat Reader English
Adobe Acrobat Reader

The ultimate PDF file reader

Google Tasks 2022.11.07.486535344.0 English
Google Tasks 2022.11.07.486535344.0

Google's new task manager

BitMart 2.11.3 English
BitMart 2.11.3

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly

Microsoft Math Solver 23.3.401103602 English
Microsoft Math Solver 23.3.401103602

The Microsoft calculator for solving multiple mathematical operations

Plus500 14.8.0 English
Plus500 14.8.0

Trade with your financial assets

Job Today 2.39.1 English
Job Today 2.39.1

One of the best apps to find a job on Android

Evernote 10.44.1 English
Evernote 10.44.1

Organize your ideas and notes

CV Maker 220621 English
CV Maker 220621

Resume editor for mobiles

Mindomo 9.2.6 English
Mindomo 5.1.9

Organize your ideas with the help of mind maps

Venmo 10.0.0 English
Venmo 10.0.0

Send and receive money with PayPal's service

Todoist 10610 English
Todoist 10610

Organize your pending tasks

MinerGate 2.5.1 English
MinerGate 2.5.1

Manage your cryptocurrency mining operations

Alipay English

Chinese PayPal for Android

Bee Network 1.2.2 English

App for mining the Bee cryptocurrency

Microsoft To-Do 2.83.430.01 English
Microsoft To-Do 2.83.430.01

Microsoft's task manager and daily planner

BitPay - Bitcoin 14.7.8 English

Manage your bitcoin portfolio

Ripio 5.40.0 English
Ripio 5.40.0

Your cryptocurrency wallet

TickTick English

Make all kinds of lists and organize your life and your telework

Wunderlist 3.4.21 English
Wunderlist 3.4.21

An excellent task manager

CashBean 2.5.2 English
CashBean 2.5.2

A simple app to ask for small credits

Vi App 9.6.7 English
Vi App 9.6.7

Vi operator's app in India

Google Pay for Business 1.61.41 English

The Google Pay app designed for business

Kingsoft Office 9.6 English

Functional office suite for free

Ads Exchange 1.0.3 English

Mobile platform for buying and exchanging ads online

Al Rajhi Mobile 4.2.00 English

All your financial services in a single app

All Document Reader 2.0.7 English

Read office documents including Office files, PDFs, and TXTs

Intelligent CV 2.11 English

Create a professional CV with your smartphone

PDF Reader 2019 9.16.1229 English
PDF Reader 2019 9.16.1229

The ultimate PDF reader for Android

LibreOffice Viewer English

The official LibreOffice viewer

MetaTrader 5 500.3136 English
MetaTrader 5 500.3136

Buy and sell stocks on your mobile device

GitHub 1.70.1 English
GitHub 1.70.1

The app of the collaborative development platform

SumUp 2.55.5 English
SumUp 2.55.5

Collect and manage card payments

Forex Royale 0.6.43 English
Forex Royale 0.6.43

Learn to invest with this game

Flexcil English

Read and edit PDFs on the go

Google Voice Access 5.5.436750297 English
Google Voice Access 5.5.436750297

Control your Android by voice commands

Branch 3.24.0 English
Branch 3.24.0

Easily apply for a loan in Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, and India

PDF to Word Converter 1.0.30 English

Convert your PDF files to Word on Android

Google Assistant Go English
Google Assistant Go

The lite version of Google Assistant

Samsung Notes English
Samsung Notes

Samsung's notes application

Office Remote English
Office Remote

Remote control for your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel presentations

WPS Office 16.0.2 English
WPS Office 16.0.2

Create, open and edit office documents

JSON & XML Tool 0.19.3 English

Create and edit programming files

Navi 2.7.7 English
Navi 2.7.7

Request an instant loan with your cell phone

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor 7.1.11 English

Two-in-one PDF reader and editor

DataBot 8.0.6 English
DataBot 8.0.6

Make your daily life easier with a virtual assistant

DANA 1.28.0 English
DANA 1.28.0

Manage your cash with a virtual wallet

Prezi 2.15.0-13072 English
Prezi 2.15.0-13072

The most interesting Android app for presentations

Foxit PDF Editor English
Foxit PDF Editor

PDF reader and editor

Djezzy 2.5.1 English
Djezzy 2.5.1

All the phone company's services on your smartphone

Afterpay 1.47.3 English
Afterpay 1.47.3

Shop now and pay later

BUX Zero 4.20.2 English
BUX Zero 4.20.2

Invest in stocks and ETFs from the palm of your hand

Kraken 1.13.0 English
Kraken 1.13.0

Platform for buying and selling crypto

PyDroid 4.01 English
PyDroid 4.01

Write Python code on your smartphone

Airtel Thanks English
Airtel Thanks

The app for Airtel users

Yandex Start 22.110 English
Yandex Start 22.110

Find whatever you need on the Internet faster with Yandex's virtual assistant for Android devices

Mint 8.32.0 English
Mint 8.32.0

Manage your money and avoid unnecessary spending

SparkHub 1.22.1 English
SparkHub 1.22.1

Mine cryptocurrencies on a smartphone

My Zong English
My Zong

The app for managing your phone costs on Zong 4G

SolCalendar 1.7.3 English

Calendar, diary, notebook, and more

Easypaisa 2.7.2 English
Easypaisa 2.7.2

Manage your payments with this financial app

FreeMyApps 2.13.4 English
FreeMyApps 2.13.4

Earn money trying out free applications

VistaCreate 2.12.0 English
VistaCreate 2.12.0

A beautiful editor for designing professional images, posters, and animations

TTcoin Network 5.7 English

Mine cryptocurrencies on your smartphone

Huawei Assistant English
Huawei Assistant

Huawei's smart assistant

Upstox 3.20.4 English
Upstox 3.20.4

Trade on the stock market from your cell phone

mPokket 3.6.6 English
mPokket 3.6.6

Fast loans for students and young professionals

Universal Copy 5.2.1 English

Copy any text you want to on your Android

McMoney 3.6.0 English
McMoney 3.6.0

Earn money for receiving SMS messages

Focus To-Do 11.0 English

Time management application based on the Pomodoro technique

mAadhaar 2.2.1 English
mAadhaar 2.2.1

Manages everything related to the Aadhaar number

Khata Book 6.42.2 English
Khata Book 6.42.2

App to manage transactions between businesses and customers

Native Clipboard Manager 4.8.1 English

Access all the clips on your clipboard

Calculator Pro 2.4.2 English

Carry out all sorts of calculations on your Android

freenet - The Free Internet 2.16.0 English

Get hold of free MB in India

Yandex.Money 5.41.0 English
Yandex.Money 5.41.0

Pay online with this app

Calculator Plus 6.3.3 English

Turn your phone into a powerful calculator

Cryptomania 3.0.20 English
Cryptomania 3.0.20

Learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies

W1TTY English

An online bank to cover all your needs

Bizum 2.0 English
Bizum 2.0

Pay and receive money quickly and securely using your cell phone

My Love 2.0.6 English
My Love 2.0.6

The app that tells you how long you have been with your partner

BLING 2.20.0 English
BLING 2.20.0

Get a loan instantly

Atomic Wallet 0.81.7 English

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your smartphone

Coinomi Wallet 1.26.0 English

The digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies

Desygner 4.7.2 English
Desygner 4.7.2

Design your own ads, posters, brochures and more

PayPal Business 2022.05.17 English
PayPal Business 2022.05.17

Manage payments through PayPal in your business

Plum 2.34.2 English
Plum 2.34.2

The app that helps you save money

GigaLife 3.0.7 English
GigaLife 3.0.7

Contract new services for your mobile

Jarvis 2.0.1 English
Jarvis 2.0.1

A personal assistant for your Android

Usage Analyzer 1.0.132 English

Measure the time that you spend on your phone and using each app

Notepad 2.0.16921 English
Notepad 2.0.16921

The Notepad for Android

Wise 7.60.1 English
Wise 7.60.1

Send money internationally from your phone

Verse 7.5.6 English
Verse 7.5.6

The app to pay with your phone

Polaris Office 9.6.7 English

An interesting office suite

Google PDF Viewer 2.19.381.03.40 English
Google PDF Viewer 2.19.381.03.40

Google's PDF reader

Android for Work 2.0.2 English

Improve your productivity at work

Today Calendar English

Practical and elegant calendar

Square 5.66.1 English
Square 5.66.1

Accept payments and carry out refunds with credit cards wherever you are

GoArbit 3.0.1 English
GoArbit 3.0.1

A fintech for investing in cryptocurrency

Cashi 2.1.0 English
Cashi 2.1.0

Pay with your phone and enjoy exclusive deals

ZipRecruiter 22.2.0 English
ZipRecruiter 22.2.0

A smart job portal in pocket format

Paytm Money 7.6.0128 English
Paytm Money 7.6.0128

Indian investment platform

PDFelement 2.0.4 English
PDFelement 2.0.4

Sign documents from your cell phone

Time Squared Hours Tracker 1.2.71 English

Track your work shifts and check your earnings

Treep 3.11.0 English
Treep 3.11.0

Tasks to make the most of your time

Wizely 4.0.57-release-457 English
Wizely 4.0.57-release-457

The app that helps you to save money and manage your finances

Flyer Maker 70.0 English

Design your own brochures with your smartphone

Brochure Maker 34.0 English

Create, design, and edit brochures and catalogs

To Do List 4.21 English

Improve your productivity with the help of to-do lists

DrawExpress Diagram 2.1.7 English

Create charts and graphs on your smartphone

Multimine 1.03 English
Multimine 1.03

Mine cryptocurrencies with your Android

DroidEdit 1.23.6 English
DroidEdit 1.23.6

Code editor for Android

MarketWatch 6.6.15 English
MarketWatch 6.6.15

Read all the financial news on your smartphone