Personal Info Managers and Calendars for Android

Download personal info managers and calendar apps to help you organize in an efficient manner all your important dates, contacts and duties on Android

NumberBook 3.2.1 English
NumberBook 3.2.1

Search for any phone number from your smartphone

Today Calendar English

Practical and elegant calendar

SolCalendar 1.7.3 English

Calendar, diary, notebook, and more

Mi Calendar English
Mi Calendar

This is the Xiaomi calendar

Plants vs. Zombies Watch Face 1.0.5 English

A zombie on your wrist

Diary with Lock 1.29.29 English

Your most intimate secrets safely stored in your mobile

TimeTree 8.4.1 English
TimeTree 8.4.1

Calendar app to coordinate chores and events on your cellphone

aCalendar 2.3.2 English
aCalendar 2.3.2

A versatile calendar for your Android

Been Love Memory 21.04.22-01 English
Been Love Memory 21.04.22-01

How many days have you been together?

Contacts + 6.13.0 English
Contacts + 6.13.0

A contact list application with free SMS

Google Calendar 2021.41.0-402132716 English
Google Calendar 2021.41.0-402132716

Google's calendar manager for Android

Calendar 2021 7.1.1 English

The most complete calendar for the year 2021

Time Planner 3.12.0_3 English
Time Planner 3.12.0_3

Time planning tool with to-do lists

Luna Diary English
Luna Diary

Write a diary in a changing environment

Diaro 3.79.0 English
Diaro 3.79.0

A private and versatile pocket journal

Daybook 5.35.0 English
Daybook 5.35.0

Your personal journal to record your memories

Jorte 1.9.61 English
Jorte 1.9.61

The definitive app for organization

Month: Calendar Widget 4.0.200401 English

Collection of Material Design calendar widgets

Business Calendar 2 2.41.1 English

A diary that can be synchronized with Google Calendar

Universum 3.05 English
Universum 3.05

A versatile diary for Android

Journey 3.7.10B English
Journey 3.7.10B

Easy way to keep a digital diary

Cozi 9.3.6079 English
Cozi 9.3.6079

A family organizer to manage everything

DigiCal 2.1.0 English
DigiCal 2.1.0

Powerful agenda and calendar app

Sunrise Calendar 4.2.0 English

The most complete calendar application

MyCalendar 3.03 English

Remember your contacts' birthdays

Galarm 6.2.2 English
Galarm 6.2.2

Reminders for you and your friends