Task Managers for Android

Be more productive and improve how you organize your work with these task management apps. Manage to become much more efficient on your phone

Shifu 1.9.1 English
Shifu 1.9.1

Carry out your tasks at the right moment

Astrid 4.6.5 English
Astrid 4.6.5

Manage your outstanding tasks

Divide Productivity 1.5.1 English

A suite full of productivity tools

Google Tasks 1.0.201130086.release English
Google Tasks 1.0.201130086.release

Google's new task manager

Minimal To Do 1.2 English

Create to-do lists with Material Design

Get It Done Task List English

Organize all of your pending tasks

Remember The Milk 4.2.6 English

Excellent GTD task manager

Trello English

Write down and remember your tasks and obligations

Goal Tracker GA.1.14.12 English
Goal Tracker GA.1.14.12

A help to achieve your goals

Todoist 13.4.7 English
Todoist 13.4.7

Organize your outstanding tasks

Organizy 2.16.0 English
Organizy 2.16.0

The ideal tool for shopping lists

Hightrack 2.4.8 English
Hightrack 2.4.8

More than just a task manager

Divide 2.1.6 English
Divide 2.1.6

Work and personal life on a single device

Mindjet Maps 4.1 English

Create your own mind maps

Morning Kit 6.0.6 English

Start your day with everything you need to know

Wunderlist 3.4.9 English
Wunderlist 3.4.9

The best task manager

Shopping List 3.21 English

Write down everything you need to buy

Out of Milk 8.7.0_835 English
Out of Milk 8.7.0_835

The app you need for your shopping list

MyLifeOrganized 5.0.1 English

Excellent and flexible task manager

Microsoft Planner 1.4.5 English

Microsoft's task planner for Android

Any.do English

Improve the organization of your time keeping your tasks under control

Dropbox Paper 102.1.16 English
Dropbox Paper 102.1.16

The collaborative workspace designed by Dropbox