Task Managers for Android

Be more productive and improve how you organize your work with these task management apps. Manage to become much more efficient on your phone

Flowdia 1.10.1 English
Flowdia 1.10.1

Design diagrams, schematics and graphs on your smartphone

Mindjet Maps 4.1 English

Create your own mind maps

Trello 2021.5.15477 English
Trello 2021.5.15477

Write down and remember your tasks and obligations

Focus To-Do 10.8 English

Time management application based on the Pomodoro technique

Asana 6.69.4 English
Asana 6.69.4

Organize team projects

Microsoft Planner 1.13.5 English

Microsoft's task planner for Android

Airtable 1.7.1 English
Airtable 1.7.1

Organize your telework with Airtable dashboards

GitHub 1.7.4 English
GitHub 1.7.4

The app of the collaborative development platform

Toggl 2.19.1 English
Toggl 2.19.1

Control the time you spend on each task

Notion 0.6.99 English
Notion 0.6.99

Complete app for improving user productivity

Focus Plant 1.12.3 English
Focus Plant 1.12.3

Forget your cell phone and grow magic plants

Workplace Chat by Facebook 307. English

Keep in touch with your coworkers

Mindomo 9.2.6 English
Mindomo 4.5.2

Organize your ideas with the help of mind maps

DrawExpress Diagram 2.1.7 English

Create charts and graphs on your smartphone

Lucidchart 2.9.26 English
Lucidchart 2.9.26

Create flowcharts on your smartphone

Bitrix24 5.3.7 (722) English
Bitrix24 5.3.7 (722)

Free project management and business management platform

Workplace from Facebook 309. English
Workplace from Facebook 309.

Collaborative tool for working in a team

Wrike 4.6.0 English
Wrike 4.6.0

Tool for project management and teamwork

WorkFlowy 3.5.3 English
WorkFlowy 3.5.3

Organize your daily tasks and lists

Microsoft To-Do 2.33.174 English
Microsoft To-Do 2.33.174

Microsoft's task manager

MindBoard 2.9.3 English
MindBoard 2.9.3

Organize your ideas with mind maps

MindMeister 5.9.1 English

Easily design your own mindmaps

Dropbox Paper 214.1.2 English
Dropbox Paper 214.1.2

The collaborative workspace designed by Dropbox

Any.do English

Improve the organization of your time keeping your tasks under control

MyLifeOrganized 5.1.1 English

Excellent and flexible task manager

Out of Milk 8.12.10_930 English
Out of Milk 8.12.10_930

The app you need for your shopping list

Divide Productivity 1.5.1 English

A suite full of productivity tools

Divide 2.1.6 English
Divide 2.1.6

Work and personal life on a single device

miMind 2.90 English
miMind 2.90

Organize your ideas with the help of concept maps

Untis Mobile 4.10.0 English
Untis Mobile 4.10.0

App for the management of schedules and tasks of a school

Taskade 3.3.4 English
Taskade 3.3.4

Note down and organize daily ideas, objectives, and tasks

TickTick English

Make all kinds of lists and organize your life and your telework

MeisterTask 2.69 English

App to manage teamwork online

Hive 1.9.20 English
Hive 1.9.20

Teleworking tool to manage teams remotely

Basecamp 3.18.9 English
Basecamp 3.18.9

Group work management platform

Jira 72.0.535 English
Jira 72.0.535

The solution for teamwork from Altassian

Time Recording 7.43 English

Monitor your working hours and productivity

Boosted 1.5.7 English
Boosted 1.5.7

Take back your time and productivity control

Google Tasks 2021.03.01.360611592 English
Google Tasks 2021.03.01.360611592

Google's new task manager

Minimal To Do 1.2 English

Create to-do lists with Material Design