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Don't know how to live without your smartphone? Finding it hard to concentrate? Focus Plant is an app that will help us concentrate and avoid distractions

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Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate with the large amount of stimuli we have at our disposal. One of the biggest enemies of concentration is our cell phone. However, the Shikudo studio, a specialist in productivity tools, offers us a perfect application to diminish all distractions for hours.

How to beat cell phone addiction

Focus Plant is an app in which we can create beautiful and lovely gardens as we focus on our work and overcome our addiction to cell phones. In fact, the beauty of the magical gardens we manage to plant is a reflection of our improved ability to concentrate.

Let your friends, the magic plants, help you manage your time and stay focused on the most important things in your life.

It is very easy to use. Every time we want to concentrate and spend time working, studying or simply take a break from our smartphone, we just have to touch the button with the water drop icon and choose the time we want to be without touching our device.

As time goes by, we will gain water drops. At all times we must leave the screen of the app open, because if we close it or open another app for a few seconds, all our effort will go to waste and we will not get any reward.

If we have been efficient and have managed to concentrate (or at least not touched the phone) during the chosen time, we will get a certain amount of water drops. With them we will be able to water our plants and plant others in other scenarios, while eliminating the pollution of the environment and helping the environment.

Downloading the APK file of this app not only helps us to stay focused and overcome our addiction to cell phones, but also sends us an environmental message, so important in these times. It also includes a lot of plants to collect and a tool to track our progress.

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Laura Stutt
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