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Asana is an app to organize and manage projects that adapts to your teamwork. Add members and communicate with them through your company or business

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When carrying out team projects, it's important not to lose our focus and optimize all our resources. Sometimes, managing a team and its communications isn't an easy task and it's worth resorting to specialized tools capable of centralizing those activities and saving us from wasting our time. Asana is a task and project manager where we can store all the notes, conversations, and notifications generated when carrying out a team task.

The app is focused on both private teams and organization or companies as it comes along with as many tools as necessary in both contexts. We recommend you to work with G Suite, therefore, if you're a user of Google's option, this tool is very useful for you.

Main features of Asana

  • Create tasks instantly.
  • Organize tasks on lists or panels.
  • Establish reminders for the team members.
  • Add deadlines, managers, attachments or details.
  • Leave comments wherever you are and reply to them immediately.
  • Carry out searches on your entire workflow.
  • Use the widget to receive on-screen notifications about the activity generated.
  • Free for teams of up to 15 people.

Improve yours and your team's activity, optimize your time and resources and bring all your projects to a positive outcome with the priceless help of an app of the likes of Asana, which you can use for free. If you have to pay that means that your company is doing very well.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 7.1
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