Personal Assistants for Android

Our selection of personal assistants can help you out with searches, reminders and whatever else you may need on your Android smartphone or tablet

Amazon Alexa 2.2.515038.0 English
Amazon Alexa 2.2.515038.0

The app to configure devices with Alexa

Google Home English
Google Home

Configure and control your Google devices

Google Assistant 0.1.474378801 English
Google Assistant 0.1.474378801

A shortcut to Google's assistant

Cortana English

The Microsoft voice assistant

Kiyo 1.11.134-127 English
Kiyo 1.11.134-127

An AI that comes to your aid for anything you need

Ask AI 1.0.98 English
Ask AI 1.0.98

Chatbot with AI technology

Character AI 1.5.6 English

Chat with fantastic characters thanks to AI technology

Google Voice Access 5.5.436750297 English
Google Voice Access 5.5.436750297

Control your Android by voice commands

Chat AI 1.4.5 English
Chat AI 1.4.5

AI assistant you can use to converse, ask questions, and write texts

Perplexity 1.0.16 English
Perplexity 1.0.16

An AI to answer any question

Replika: My AI Friend 11.2.2 English

Chat with an artificial intelligence

Nova Chatbot 1.8.2 English

An AI chatbot for anything you want

Chai 0.4.67 English
Chai 0.4.67

Talk to bots controlled by artificial intelligence

Bixby Home English
Bixby Home

The voice assistant for Samsung smartphones

Plaito 1.1.51 English
Plaito 1.1.51

An AI tutor that answers any question

Huawei Assistant English
Huawei Assistant

Huawei's smart assistant

Jarvis 2.0.1 English
Jarvis 2.0.1

A personal assistant for your Android

Robin 5.50 English
Robin 5.50

An alternative to Siri for Android

Genie 5.1.0 English
Genie 5.1.0

AI chatbot to converse and perform tasks

Goat Chat 1.2.5 English
Goat Chat 1.2.5

An AI tool for conversing and writing anything

GDT English

An AI based on ChatGPT for asking questions and getting instant answers

Aico 41 English
Aico 41

A text-based AI that answers all your questions

Miko AI Chat 2.5.2 English

A text AI for chatting and performing tasks

Open Chat 2.6.1 English
Open Chat 2.6.1

An AI for conversation and questions

TalkGPT 2.4 English
TalkGPT 2.4

Ask an AI anything you want

Smopet English

Adorable virtual pets to help you develop healthy habits

Chatbot roBot 3.5.6 English

A bot to have conversations with

Hound 3.0.0 English
Hound 3.0.0

Make searches by voice

DataBot 8.0.6 English
DataBot 8.0.6

Make your daily life easier with a virtual assistant

Wink Smart Home English
Wink Smart Home

Your smart home under control and in the palm of your hand

Bixby Voice English
Bixby Voice

Voice functions for the Bixby assistant

Google Assistant Go English
Google Assistant Go

The lite version of Google Assistant

Yandex Start 22.110 English
Yandex Start 22.110

Find whatever you need on the Internet faster with Yandex's virtual assistant for Android devices

SimSimi 8.5.0 English
SimSimi 8.5.0

Talk to a very funny robot