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Chatbot roBot is a bot for having text conversations on Android using artificial intelligence and that is capable of learning on the go as it is used

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Do you want a friend who is always ready to chat? One of the options that you have within reach, although not very human, is Chatbot roBot. This is a chatbot for Android with which you will be able to have conversations and that comes with an artificial intelligence system that gets more intelligent the more you talk to it.

Talk to your chatbot and get it to learn

With this bot, you will be able to have text conversations and even record voice messages for it. It tells jokes, knows some interesting facts, and even offers tips for some life situations that might be of interest. However, just like anyone in this world, it doesn't know everything, and as you talk to it you will be able to teach it how to hold a conversation in one way or another. It features the possibility to add new vocabulary and answers and even to correct some that it already has if you think they don't match what you want.

It comes in a text chat format like WhatsApp, Telegram, or LINE, so conversing with it will be easy. However, language is moderated, so if you insult it or swear at it, it will tell you off. Quite right too.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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6 months ago
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