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The Google Assistant application for Android places a shortcut to Google's virtual assistant on our phone so we can interact with it in an easier manner

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An Android application called Google Assistant? That must be a joke for sure because that's already on my smartphone and tablet. Yes but no. This APK of Google's assistant offers us a shortcut to the Siri developed at Mountain View. In other words, it provides us with yet another alternative to open Google Now's cousin, this time around in a more direct manner, although we can continue to access it make use of the famous 'OK, Google' or by simply pressing the Home button of our device for a while.

Interact with your phone in an easier, faster, and more automated manner.

Thanks to this tool you'll be able to interact with your Android's artificial intelligence by means of simple voice commands and even hold dialogs with the assistant. Of course, you can also use this app, which is also available for iOS, by simply typing although we'll probably be able to take more advantage of it in situations in which we're unable to write (whilst we're driving for instance).

All you can do with Google Assistant

  • Make phone calls by means of voice commands.
  • Send text messages by only saying so.
  • Establish reminders of important events and appointments on your calendar.
  • Take photos and selfies without even touching your phone.
  • Play music straight from YouTube.
  • Open Google Maps to get directions to a certain destination.
  • Receive weather information and the latest news.
  • Control over applications developed by third parties.

But, what about Google Assistant in other languages?

Well, it looks like this virtual assistant will arrive in other languages sometime soon as the Pixel 2 XL smartphones announced in October 2017 will be the first phones to incorporate Google Assistant in a bunch of new languages that go beyond English, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. For the time being, those that don't have this service in their native language can still access the assistant by means of the Google Allo app.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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