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Google Home is the application you need to control from your phone your smart speaker and devices such as Chromecast, both in its video and audio version

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Google has entered the domotics field with a product similar to Amazon Echo. We're talking about Google Home, a smart speaker that you can control from its official application.

From the Made By Google range

This application can be used as a hub that centralizes the functions of the device that the company of the search engine has designed to control different aspects of your home life through voice commands. For instance, once you've downloaded the APK to your Android smartphone or tablet, you'll have full control over these functions of your gadget:

  • Control all the settings.
  • Configure the playback of music on services like Spotify or Google Music.
  • Establish a location.
  • Synchronize compatible devices: smart lights, thermostats, home appliances...
  • Discover new functions, news and offers as they appear.

Home technology as understood by Google.

Audio and video support for Chromecast

This app also offers support for the company's screencast and soundcast device. Therefore, if you've got a video Chromecast, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Browse through trends and popular content from compatible apps.
  • Use the search function to explore contents such as movies, series or actors.
  • Play and pause contents as well as turning up or down the volume.
  • Customize your TV screen.

And if you've got an audio Chromecast, you'll have access to all these functions:

  • Synchronize your speakers with multi-space groups that can be played in any room.
  • Play or pause content.
  • Adjust the volume of all your devices.

When is it out and how much does it cost?

This device has just been launched in the USA just in time for the Christmas campaign, at an affordable price of 129 dollars. There aren't any official dates yet, but it's expected to reach the rest of the world at a similar price very soon.

Requirements and additional information:
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