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Bizum is a handy, fast, and secure payment system for users to pay or request money by simply selecting a phone number in their cell phone contact book


Pay and receive money quickly and securely using your cell phone

December 13, 2021
8 / 10

The many functions that cell phones have taken over include those related to banking operations, like, for example, sending and receiving money or paying in stores. PayPal is perhaps the best known one but there are other very well positioned and easy-to-use platforms. Bizum is, without a doubt, one of them.

Connect with your bank to send and receive money

Although this service initially worked integrated in Spain's main bank's applications, users now have an autonomous app that users can link to their user's bank account. The following are Bizum's main functions:

  • Send and receive money among individuals.
  • Online shopping.
  • Donations to NGOs.

Its success lies in its simplicity. Forget about entering bank account or credit card numbers: simply select a number in your contact book or enter a phone number and then the amount you need to ask for or transfer. If the user you want to Bizum is registered in the app, they will receive the money or request.

The main banks and savings banks in Spain are compatible with the service, so it doesn't matter which one you are a customer of: CaixaBank, Santander, BBVA, Sabadell, IberCaja, Kutxabank, Caja Rural... and all in a secure way and without commissions.

Requirements and additional information:

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